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Hey Hey!!!  WE made it to Friday again.  I don’t know if I am getting slower, or if I am just trying to do TOO much, but I cannot get things caught up.  I was running around like a crazy woman all morning, just getting things done.  Man, I am really in a whiny mood lately, SORRY!!!!  and I should not be, everything is GREAT !!!!!

Ok, yesterday, I talked kind of about being addicted to exercise and feeling guilty if I do not get my exercise in.  Well, I don’t really feel guilty, I just don’t feel as good,  Something about exercise, it gets all of my good vibes going and I get energized by it, does that make sense?  If I don’t get to exercise, I just feel lethargic.  Do any of you feel that way, let met know!

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and one day I will look like this🤗

Ok on to the next topic! I have been using collagen for maybe almost a year now, and I was just telling MD that for me, I can really tell the difference in my nails.  They grow bat crap crazy!  And they are VERY strong.  Now, I can’t see any difference in my hair, but I have longer hair, and when it is hot, I most always have it braided or in a knot.  Or, have hat on, so I can’t comment on the hair, but I also feel my skin is not as dry and wrinkly like it used to be.  I switched around for some time, but then I started using Dr. Axe mcp-canister-front_medium.  It has no taste, dissolves easily in my morning coffee and it also comes in individual servings which is great for travel.  I just ordered more.  I just feel this is a little better quality.  You should all check it out.

What is everyone doing for the weekend and for the Fourth?  Hubs has to work Monday, but he is taking Tuesday and Wednesday off, and since I am my own boss, (let me tell you, that is  both good and bad, good because I can take off if I want, bad, because if I do take off, I have to work twice as hard to get caught up again) but I will work a short day on Tuesday.  We don’t have plans, but somehow, we always find something to do.  We are thinking of a movie.  Have any of you seen Oceans 8?  We are thinking of seeing that, and he also heard of a new Mexican Restaurant that is supposed to have the BEST Mexican food in the city, so we will probably check that out. AND, we both need new walking/running shoes.  Question for all of you???  How many miles do you wear your shoes for before you retire them?  I actually keep track, otherwise I have no idea how long I wear them, and than once day, DAMN, my feet hurt, my knees hurt and OH, my shoes have 2 gazillion miles on them. The pair I wear on my morning jalks has about 450 miles on them, and I think it is time for new shoes.

Another question?  What is your FAVORITE shoe to wear?  I go back and forth between Asics and Altra’s.  This time I am going to see if they have the new Altra’s out.  These have a bigger toe box, and give your feet lots of room.  Let me know what you wear?

Podcast update.  Things are moving slowly forward, I am aiming on releasing the first Episode of Many by July 10th.  I still need ideas for topics to talk about, and I am looking for sponsors, so if you know of any companies that might want to step out on limb and sponsor a new podcaster, let me know.

Well all, I apologize this is another short post, but I have a few things to finish up, and it is getting late, and to be honest, I am just getting tired.  SO, until next time

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I would love to hear your thoughts, remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now,  be active, get up and move, be happy, SMILE

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and come back for more!

Take care all until next time, and if you are feeling a little down, just put a little glitter on it!

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