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What a crazy busy day this has been and I don’t feel like I am making any headway!!!  But, I am SO excited.  I did a lot of work on the Podcast, Tamies Journey,  (that is the name I decided on, to keep it simple and the same as my blog) and I am making headway.  I am not sure I will have this all done by Thursday, my target date, but I should have the first podcast released by Monday, July 9th.  Wish me luck!!!!  Again, if you have topic ideas for me, please send to

I really have no clue what I will talk about, that is why I want your ideas.

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Ours was good, a little lazy, but we did get a lot done.  AND, we found a new Mexican Restaurant. They had a Sunday Brunch Buffett, and normally, I am very hesitant about buffets, BUT, this was very good, and I felt very safe eating off of this.  OK, some of the food I had no idea what I was eating, this truly is a Mexican Restaurant.  We were the only caucasian people in here, all of the TV’s were in Spanish, ok, EVERYTHING was in Spanish, and the food was the real deal.  My favorite was the shrimp ceviche.  SO good.  They had several shrimp dishes, so that is pretty much what I ate.  The name of the restaurant is Jimmy’s Tequila, and it is in Doraville.  The service here was outstanding, the atmosphere great, and the food, well if you live in the Atlanta area, you really need to check this out.  When we drove up, I saw this and I HAD to have my picture taken with it.IMG_3113  I had to hold this guys hand!!!  Such an egg head!

What are you planning for the Fourth of July.  Hubs is taking Tuesday and Wednesday off, we do not have plans, we do have some shopping we plan on getting done, and since we did not get to a movie over the weekend, we are planning on a movie.  What do you typically do on the Fourth?

And Oh Ya, hubs wants to get more donuts, maybe he will forget about this.

Ok, since it is very warm out, we need to remember to hydrate, so let’s all take a drink now.

I think I mentioned last week, I was running low on sodium and could really tell it.  Well, I have gone back to putting salt and lemon in my morning water, and it has made a huge difference.  Normally, when I do this, I retain water, but not this time.  I think maybe that is because when we walk in the mornings, it is SO humid and I “SPARKLE” a lot, so I think I am sweating more out than I am putting in.  I don’t think that I have sweated this bad ever in my life.  But, my theory is, it gets all of those nasty toxins out of my system.

The other thing that I have started doing, and this will really wake you up, is at the end of my shower, I turn the water all of the way to COLD, and stand there for about a minute.  This does not sound the great, but it really does feel good.

OK, who of you checked your horoscope today?  Of course I did and I think it really applies today.

If you want this day to be a successful one, you will need to be prepared to ask for help (if you need it). Chances are you’ll be fine on your own, but this day does have some potential roadblocks waiting for you. If you get stuck, don’t sit on the sidelines and worry — flag down some help! Pride or embarrassment aren’t going to help you get where you need to go … it’s all about doing what you need to do to make things work. This is a great day for your creativity to shine.

I interpret this as I need to get my a$$ is gear and work on my podcast, that is where the creativity comes in.  So, I hate to make this short again, but I need to get back and finish up my

(Don’t hesitate to take a look at that site, you might find something you can’t live without.)  And I am still working on the glitter shirts, so if you are interested in one of these, please let me know.

Than, after all of this, I have to work more on the podcast.  So, everyone, please send me your comments

on anything you feel like, remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now,  be happy, keep  a smile on your face, be active, get up and move, and come back for more tomorrow.



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