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Very Fast Weekūüėé

Very Fast Weekūüėé

Welcome back. ¬†I know that I have been MIA for a couple of days. ¬†I have been working on my podcast because my goal was to be able to launch this on Monday, July 9th, BUT!!! The deeper I get into this, the more I need to learn. ¬†My first thought was to just put together even a short 30 minute podcast and release it. ¬†That way, I could learn as I go. ¬†I decided against that because it would not be my best work, and a drive by listener would probably never listen again. ¬†So, my new realistic launch date is August 1. ¬†There is so much to learn. ¬†How do I add music, how do I cut and paste, and I really do think that I need to get a microphone because I have tried several ways to record, and I can’t get the sound good. ¬†If you are a podcaster, any insight you can give me will be very helpful!

Did everyone have a nice Fourth Of July?


Mine was very nice, kind of uneventful, and WAY too much food.  And not near enough movement.  Since hubs had taken Tuesday off as well, I was really kind of lazy both days.  I know better than that, but some days, you just need to kick back and relax.

One of the things we did do was go see Oceans 8.  Have you seen this yet?  It was a good movie, nothing spectacular, but I did enjoy it.  There are a lot of name actors in it, Sandra Bullock was the lead character.  She fit the part very good and I did enjoy the movie.

We also did a lot of “snacking”. ¬†I have told you in the past hubs is a REAL sugar addict. ¬†His newest passion is donuts. ¬†I had not had a donut in YEARS, seriously. ¬†It is just something I know better then to eat. ¬†His new favorite donut place is Revolution Donut. ¬†We went there the morning of the fourth and got coffee, (their coffee is excellent) and he got 2 donuts, and I did get one, they have gluten free, but I was saving mine for later in the day when I knew I would want something sweet. ¬†From here we decided to go to an area in the City known as Ponce City Market. ¬†This is a nice place to walk around, they have a lot of eating places, coffee shops and dessert/sweet shops. ¬†We did have lunch here at Holman and Finch. ¬†If you live in Atlanta, and have never been here, their burgers are excellent. ¬†Very flavorful, cooked to perfection, and the cheese on them ¬†is a great cheddar cheese. ¬†I normally do not get cheese on burgers, my usual is no bun, no cheese, just the burger, but I knew they had this really good cheese.

From here we wondered around and found like three new sweet places. ¬†There is a new cookie shop, a candy shop and a donut shop. ¬†Well of course hubs was going to get even MORE donuts. ¬†I was not going to get any, but they had a large selection of gluten free donuts, and the had a salted caramel chocolate donut, so I got another donut. ¬†The donut shop is called Five Daughters Bakery and I need to give them a shout out. ¬†Their donuts were awesome!IMG_3118(My reasoning was that I could have one that day, and save the other for the next day) ¬†RIGHT, I sat down that night and ate both of them. ¬†I paid for that!! ¬†WAY TOO much sugar. ¬†Sugar is the worst for me, it causes so much inflammation, I was almost lethargic from the inflammation all day Thursday. ¬†Lesson learned and well noted.¬†I also could not get a decent work out in on Thursday because it was just painful to move. ¬†I hope you all were more mindful of your foodūüė§

On the Fourth of July in Atlanta is the big Peachtree Road Race.  It is a 10k race.  We did this several times in the past.  It seemed every where we were on Wednesday, we saw finishers from the race.  I told hubs next year we should do that again.  He said I should go ahead and do this, and he would meet me at the end.  Right now, I AM going to do this next year, and yes, he can meet me at the end and we can come home together from their.  This will give me a goal to work towards.  Did any of you out there run this?  I have a couple of friends that do this every year!  Good for all of you who have done this.

Has everyone seen the new Paleomg Four Athletics line?  I have already placed an order for a pair of the shorts and one of the bras, but I may need to order more.  If you do place an order, remember, I have a discount for all you readers, just enter code tamiew15, and you will get a 15% discount off of your order.  Let me know if you are ordering, I like to see what everyone else picks out.

I also want to give a shout out to Joy and Claire from Girls Gone Wod.  They had replied to an e-mail I had sent to them, so I am hoping they are reading this blog and might leave me a comment.  By the way, I am still working on the 0a5b91909ab617e3106139cc6b317090  shirts.  If you are interested in these, please let me know.

One of my other new things I am trying, and so far, really like is¬†6311a057-cd9b-4244-80f1-903346365d5e¬† I have purchased, so far, the clay mask, the pearl cleanser, the golden serum and the derma roller. ¬†At first, I will be honest, the smell is a little different, but now that I have used it for about one week, I am getting used to it. ¬†The derma roller is basically a micro blading roller, and I have only used this twice, your face does need to heal after using it. ¬†My hope is that this will help to get rid of all my fine lines and wrinkles, and all of the damage my face has incurred after years of sun exposure. ¬†They also have a “presence” ¬†cologne, that I want to check out as well. ¬†Take a look at their site

and read about how the founder came up with these products.  If you want to place an order and use the link above, you will get a discount.  Check out the site and let me know what you think.

Well gang, again I apologize for not have having the podcasts up and running, but for now, I will work more on this blog, and try to make this a little more enjoyable for you readers.  Remember:

Hydrate, let’s all take a drink now!

Be Active, get up and move, don’t get stiff and miserable!

Be Happy, keep a smile on your face!

woman with blue lips

And if you have comments, questions, criticisms, or just want to leave me a message PLEASE DO!


And check back next week for more.  xoxo to ALL!

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