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Hello Hello, is everyone doing great?  I hope everyone’s weekend was good.  What did you do?  I would love to hear what everyone did over the weekend.  Share if you want!

We did have good weekend, however, it was kind of centered around food.  We started the  weekend off on Friday night by going to our favorite Sushi place, Rice, Wok N Roll.  This is a very casual place, sits in a strip mall near where we live, but the food might be the best sushi ever.  And bonus, it is close enough, both hubs and I can have a  drink IMG_3123or two and still drive home safely. We always get a variety of Sashimi and Rolls.  IMG_3121  This was an awesome start for the weekend.

On Saturday we had several errands to run, and we were looking for someplace different to have lunch at.  We ended up a place called Public House.  (I neglected to take pictures of the food because I was starving when it came out and it was SO good. )  Both hubs and I had burgers and sweet potato fries.  The burgers were great, grass fed, perfectly seasoned and so good.  The sweet potato fries were awesome as well.  I did take several pictures of their beers.  I am not a beer drinker, but they had SOO many varieties of beer IMG_3124 I forgot how many they had on top.  They also had an entire wall of empty beer cans, IMG_3125  I laughed because so many of these were popular beers back when I was not even old enough to drink yet!

Sunday we went back to Ponce City Market.  This is fast becoming our new favorite place to go and wonder around.  We went up to the second level this time, IMG_3126I took a picture overlooking the first floor.  It is just such a cool place to go. And of course, hubs had to get more donuts from Five Daughters Bakery.  I did get one, their gluten free donuts are some of the best I have had.IMG_3128  and hubs got a couple other HUGE dough nuts that are filled.  IMG_3127  He loves these donuts.

While doing our shopping this week, I found a couple of new things.  I am always trying to add more protein to my diet, and I found these organic girl protein greens.  IMG_3132  I don’t know if these are new, but I had some with my lunch today and these are really good.  I also found these, IMG_3129  Again, I have never seen these before, but they are pretty good!

Is everyone remembering to hydrate?  Let’s all take a drink now! Did everyone get some kind of movement in over the weekend?  I got walks in, but that is it.  I think maybe that is why Monday’s are always so hard for me.  I don’t exercise over the weekends like I do during the week, and I think it is just too much not moving.  Then I get stiff and sore and today, everything hurts.  I have an appt, with my rheumy on Wednesday, and this is going to be a question I ask him.

Also, because I don’t eat as good over the weekend, maybe that has something to do with it.  This is another question I will ask him.  Maybe I need to go to a nutritionist or a dietician, just to learn how and what to eat to help with my RA.  Has anyone done this?

Which brings me to another topic.  Have you all seen the new food sensitivity kits you can get and they will test for food allergies?  I think these are from Everlywell and I am seriously thinking of trying the one for the Food Sensitivity.  The only drawback, I have read that if it has been some time since you have had, gluten for example, it will not show any sensitivity.  I am going to do more research on this and I will let you know if I decide to try this.

I am so excited, I ordered my first FabFitFun box and I should get this on Wednesday.  As soon as I get this, I will take pictures of what I have all received, and I will also have a special offer for all of you readers who might be interested in getting these boxes.  Please send me a  message if you want more information on these and I will explain more on this.

Well everyone, I need to get back at it, so I will call this blog done for today, but come back tomorrow, as I will have more.

Please be sure to send me your comments

and remember, Hydrate, lets all take a drink now, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and if all else fails, just put a little glitter on it!  Until tomorrow



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