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WOW, time is flying by!

WOW, time is flying by!

I can’t believe that July is almost half over already.  Summer is my favorite time of year, and it always seems to go by so fast.  I love this time of year because I can get up in the morning, through on shorts and tank top and go out for a run or walk, easy peasy, unlike when it is cold and you have to put all that clothes on.  It seems like every year, the summers go faster and faster.  That is why you need to cherish every day you have.

Just a quick update on my rheumy’s follow up today.  It went better than I had thought it would.  First, I have lost 2 lbs. since my visit in April but he still wants me to lose 2-3 more lbs.  No Problem👍Just stay away from the 🍩!!!  We are also going to try to reduce some of the medication I am taking, and he wants me to do PT.  His areas of concern are my knees and back, and he feels before we get too carried away on changing meds, try the PT for 3 ish weeks, and see if that helps.  Sounds good to me!  I AM going to make an appointment for this, and hope it does make a difference.  he also told me to either “play around” with my nutrition, timing of meals, size of meals, OR, see a nutritionist.  My first choice is to “play around” with my nutrition.  He feels this  be may big factor in my  fatigue.  SO, I will implant all of his suggestions, and see how it works!  Wish me luck.

I also learned my iron seems to be low, part of the reason perhaps for my fatigue, so, does anyone out there have ideas on how to increase your iron intake by food?  I do eat a lot of greens, red meat, I even eat liver once in awhile.  Please share with me fi you have had issues with this, and how you fixed it.  You can send your ideas to

I got my first fabfitfun box today, how exciting.  I JUST opened it,

and took a few pictures.  I will go through each item tonight and post on them all tomorrow, IMG_3136and as I try them, I will give you my reviews.  This is so exciting.   I will also let you all know about the offer from fabfitfun for my readers.  So, check back tomorrow for the contents of this box and what I think.  I already see a few things I am sure I will love!

Binge Watching:  We did find another series on Netflix to binge watch, unfortunately, we have already watched the entire series.  It was Broadchurch, and this took place on the coastline of England.  The scenery was so beautiful.  Broadchurch was a little fictional fishing village.  It looked so cozy and quaint.  The story was really good to, one of those series that when one show was over, you had to go on to the next show to see what was going to happen.  If you are looking for a new series to watch, check it out.

I thought my Tarot Card Reading for today was quite interesting, it seemed to fit the day:


The negative side of the Temperance card represents a lower desire interfering with a higher desire. You have failed to regulate your own behavior, which has led to wavering, inefficient thinking and acting. You must learn to place your highest values first, otherwise you will be working at cross purposes. Success involves some sacrifice. Anything worth having will require endurance along the way.

Update on our AC.  Last November, we had 2 brand new units installed.  Well, since it was November, we really did not need the AC, and the heat was working fine.  Once it got hot and we turned on the AC, we have had problems with it ever since.  I have lost track of the number of times they have been out here to “work” on it.  It seems every time they “work” on it, it was worse than before.  They finally discovered the cooling coils on both units don’t work.  So, they are out here AGAIN today, second time this week, to install new ones.  HMMM!  They left for lunch about 1 1/2 hours ago, I DID think they were coming back?????  The name of the company is Reliable Heating and Air, and they are more like Unreliable!   My office just happens to be in the WARMEST part of our condo, and it is very uncomfortable in hear.  Might need to go work by the pool for awhile!  Again, an update on this tomorrow.

Since I was out at the Dr. this am, I am behind on my ATW work,

so I have to get back to that and get caught up.  Plus I want to get my work done so I can go through my fabfitfun box, and I want to try to make some High Protein Gluten Free banana bread this afternoon.  So be sure to come back tomorrow to see what was in my box, and if I do get the bread made, I will post pics, and also, I think tomorrow I will have the “gift” that Alitura Naturals has sent to me!

In the meantime, remember to hydrate, 💧, let’s all take a drink now, be active, get up and move and do 10 jumping jacks, be happy, put a smile on your face😍 and live today to the best of your ability!

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