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Well, my AC is working today, but I am not going to get too excited yet, let’s give it at least a week before we decide if this is working or not, but it does feel good in here today.  AAHHH  cool air!!!

I apparently slept better then I thought last night because I had much better energy to work out this morning, and our walk was pretty good as well.  I always feel so good after I get a good workout in.  YAY!!!

I opened my fabfitfun box and took pictures of everything in it.  Most of look it pretty fun, even this IMG_3137  This is the Tina Turkish Towel, that you can take with you on all of your summer outings.  Guess I have to go on an outing!

Also in this box were


KORRES Showergel – Japanese Rose

IMG_3147  Dr. Barnard Luminizer Primer,   I am not really a make up wearer, but I will try this and see what I think,

IMG_3146  Mineral Hand Cream, can you ever have too much hand cream?

IMG_3145Body Wash Infused Buffer, I love things like this so this will be the first I try,

IMG_3140 A maji trigger ball, this ball is to help  relieve knots in your muscles (aka trigger points) in your back, neck, hips, thighs, hamstrings, calves, chest, piriformis, and glutes.  I will give it a good test and see what I think.  My gluten will give it a good test!

IMG_3139Starry Eye Travel Mask, I can’t wait to try this

IMG_3138Yum Kim Make up case,  this appears to be a very nice size, and looks like it will be easy to keep clean.

And that was everything, there were some additional coupons and flyers that I have not been through yet.  But, I can tell you the first things I will try are the shower gel and the body wash buffer.  I will let you know tomorrow if I like them.

Fabfitfun is offering my readers this deal:

If you go to this link

and take a look, you can see everything they have to offer.  If you sign up, each seasonal box is $49.99, but if you use the code


You will get $10.00 of your first box.  You can customize your box, you can add add ons, you can upgrade, you can do all kinds of things.  Take a look and let me know what you think, send me an e-mail if you want

I thought that I would have my box from Alitura today, but I don’t have that yet, so tomorrow I will share with you some of the things they have already sent me, and what I am working on with them.

Is everyone remembering to hydrate?  With the heat and humidity being what it is, this is extremely important.  This morning after our walk, I could feel the sweat running down my back, GROSS!, but it does help to clean out those nasty toxins from our body.

We kidz, I need to get back at it.  I am going to ask all of you readers to send any questions you might have, next week, I want to devote one entire blog post to answer questions,  please e-mail your questions to me at

So, until tomorrow, send me your comments and criticism

remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, be active, get up and move, let’s all do 10 squats now, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and see you all tomorrow.



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