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Hello Hello!!

Hello Hello!!

How is everyone today?  All good here!  Just another crazy morning in my life.

I had my first PT session yesterday.  How did it go you ask?  Not bad, not really what I expected, but since I have never been to PT before, I really did not know what to expect.  The good news, I learned that I am in really good shape, pretty much.  The reason, supposedly, for the wobbly knees is that my quads are not strong enough.  That surprised the hell out of me because I alway thought my legs were the strongest part of my body!!!  I do have REALLY strong hamstrings though!  Go figure.

I also learned my Gluteus Maximus,  (and I do mean MAXIMUS) and my abs are not strong.  I knew I had weak abs, but I really thought my butt was a little stronger.  My lack of core strength is what causes my back to hurt.  We went through an entire series of exercises for these, that seemed like NOTHING, but I can feel it in my butt and quads today.  I do plan on doing these exercises everyday, but I am not sure I am doing any further PT.  It just seems like such a waste of time, and money!    I may just try this on my own for awhile, and see what happens.

I had been wearing my knee straps most of the time, and they told me not to wear these, since they tend to make your knees dependent on them and even weaker.

I slept pretty good last night, so actually have some decent energy today.  We got a pretty good walk in, again, I sparkled like CRAZY, then I did a good wo.  This is what I did today:

1 Arm Row

Jumping Jack

Pistol Lunges

Run in Place

Kick Backs

Kettle Bell Abs


Rope overhead Tri

Leg Press

Leg Kicks

Arm Circles

Another thing I need to remember to do is alternate between sitting and standing at my desk.  Sometimes, I get so into work that I loose track of time, and all of the sudden, I have been sitting for way too long.

I wanted to do my blog today on all of the companies that I am working with, and the offers I have for you readers.  Unfortunately, I do not think I will get that done today, but I am going to try to get this done for tomorrow’s blog.  If any of you remember, I used to work with Beauty Counter, and for the longest time, I did nothing with them, only for lack of time.  In my effort to make my blog more successful, and have more readers, I am starting to work with them again.  Tomorrow I will give you all my link, and any other information I have for Beauty counter.

Again, I did not take pictures, but again, I made a really good dinner last night.  I baked ham,  (SOO HARD) and make plantain patties.  They turned out awesome, even hubs was impressed.  I honestly will start to take pictures of these things.

That brings me to another project.  I want to learn to take really good pictures, (Like OD does) so that I can post lots of pics on this blog and on IG.  I will start to work on that this weekend.

I also made the Gluten Free Brownies the other day, and they also turned out great.  Hubs, who will never eat anything gluten free I make, has eaten about half the pan so far, which is good for me, I have that many less to eat.  I am on  a roll for making good food!!!!

Well, it’s that time that I need to get back to

and try to make some money, since I am buying a new car!

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Until tomorrow gang,

Remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, be happy, put that smile on your face, be active, get up and move, (let’s all get up and do 10 squats right now) and check back tomorrow.


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