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Not making any progress

Not making any progress

Hello all, I hope that everyone had a GREAT weekend.  The biggest problems with weekends is, they end.  And then there is Monday morning.  This weekend went way to fast, and today is just FLYING by.  My list of things to get done is WAY to long, and I am not making headway.

First, I want to share a little of our weekend, BUT, before I go into that, I FINALLY got a new car.  This was long over do, considering the AC did not work, the windows did not work, and the horn did not work.  And, I had my previous car for 15 years.  WHO keeps a car for 15 years?  OS, who really likes to  be a smart ass, when I told him. said Oh, you are only about 5 years late!!!  Anyway, I finally got a new car.  We brought it home Friday, today is Monday, and it has not been out of the garage since we got home.  When I take it out, tomorrow for sure, I will take a picture.

Now, on to the weekend, which pretty much revolved around food.  Since hubs was leaving yesterday, we did not have any plans, but managed to keep busy.  Of course, we HAD to go to Revolution Donut again.  IMG_3154  This place is unbelievably addictive.  And their coffee is so GOOD.  We went there Sunday AM on the way to the airport, and talked with people, talked with each other, and just enjoyed the ambiance.  If you are in Atlanta anywhere, I highly recommend checking them out.  !!!!

Saturday, we really just went out because we could not walk, do to rain, and had no plans.  Well of course, we stopped to have coffee.  While having coffee, we could not decide where we wanted to have lunch. We did know we wanted either Korean or Vietnamese food.  We found a great Vietnamese Restaurant, Dai Nam.  It looked very small from the outside, but once we got inside, it was a very large place, and had a lot of people in it.  I was not that hungry, so I got a Duck Salad.IMG_3151  This was unbelievably good.  It was full of flavor, had a LOT of duck meat in it, and a lot of vegetables, witch I love.  Hubs had ordered Spring Rolls for us to share,IMG_3150  which again, were GREAT!!  I am not sure what HUBS ordered, IMG_3152.jpg I don’t remember, but he said it was great.  I had enough salad to take home and that was my dinner Sunday evening!!!  So good.

We also made a stop at the Decatur Farmers Market on the way home.  We did not need anything, but we thought since we were so close, we would stop and just look around.  We have been there before, but not taken the time to look around good.  This is really more like a REAL Farmers Market.  They only have fresh produce, ALL KINDS of fresh meat, all is local and grass fed.  They even had rabbit and goat, and the lamb they had looked fantastic.  They also have a small refrigerated section.  I took a good look through that and they have unpasteurized milk products.  We picked up this IMG_3153Vermont Raw Milk Cheese.  There were so many things I wanted to get, but since it was just going to be me for a while, I decided I really needed to clean out our refrigerator and cupboards.  But, absolutely when hubs gets back, we will go there and get some meats and produce.

Saturday evening, since neither of us were hungry, we enjoyed our cheese, had some chips, and opened a bottle of IMG_3156our Wren Hop wine.  This wine paris quite nicely with just about everything!

It really looks like our weekend consisted mainly of food, and it did, I am not going to lie, but my goal is over the next 10 days it to really get my shit together and go back to eating like I know how!

I have put together a schedule for this weeks posts.  I am getting more organized, and have together an actual plan.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I plan on doing a post of all of the companies that I am working with, I will post their links, and if they offer my readers any discounts.  Help support this blog!!!

Wednesday, I am going to post about the exercises I am doing on a daily basis.  I will try to also post a picture or two of these as well.

Thursday, I am doing a post of products I am currently using, supplements I take, just general products I use and if I like them or not. I will also post on companies that I may or may not have good experiences with.

Friday, I will post some of my favorite foods, and any tips on food I may have.

If you want me to address anything specific on the above, please send me an e-mail

and I will address your questions.

Well everyone, Thank You for coming back and I hope you all come back again tomorrow.  Please leave me your comments at

Remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, get up and move, let’s all get up and do 10 squats now, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and come back tomorrow for more.

Take care


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