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Some of My Favorite Products

Some of My Favorite Products

Hi There!  I am doing a little better today, our AC is cooling again, FOR NOW!  Let’s see how long it last this time.

Has everyone checked out the websites for the companies I am working with?  Do you have questions?  If so, just send me an e-mail

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On today’s schedule, I will talk about a few of the products I use.  (I am the type of person, I will see something, sounds good, I will try it and if I do not see results NOW, I will quit using and try something else.)  Well, about 3to4 months ago, I did some serious cleaning of drawers and cupboards and skin care products, and I made a promise to myself.  I would use whatever the product was until the bottle, or jar was completely gone, and then, I would evaluate if I liked it or not.  These are a few of the items that are in the I like category:

IMG_1965  Bragg Nutritional Yeast.   I have been using this for over a year now.  This provides great-taste and nutrition when added to a wide variety of foods. Makes a delicious seasoning when sprinkled on most foods, especially salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta and even popcorn!  It’s ‘cheese-like’ flavor makes it a great low-sodium, cholesterol-free, addition to foods, and also adds some protein.  Most days, I sprinkle this on both my lunch and dinner, and on the rare occasion I make popcorn, I will sprinkle it on popcorn.

IMG_3159  I have been using this Collagen Protein for about 3 months now.  I can definitely see the difference it has made for my nails, they grow like crazy and are extremely strong.  I think it has made my hair grow just a little faster.  I am not sure about my skin, but let’s just say it does not look any worse!

IMG_3164 I have been taking this turmeric supplement for about 2 months now.  It is supposed to help with inflammation, and I really can’t see a big difference yet!  But, I can say my inflammation and pain are no worse, so ask me about 2 more months what I think.  I really like this brand, it is from Dr. Axe.  I do not know that this is any better than other brands, but it is easy to swallow and has no after taste.

IMG_3160 I have been buying the FlapJacked products for a couple of years now.  I always have about a half dozen of these muffin mixes in the house.  You can do so many things with them, I like to make waffles with them, and I have made cookies with these to.  This and the Peanut Butter are my two favorite flavors, but they can come in a wide variety of flavors.  They are great for getting in extra protein also, and you can make them up quickly.

IMG_3163  I have been using this Sheer lipstick for about 6 months now.  In the beginning, I did not like it because I am used to a heavier coverage, darker color, but once I used it for a while, I really like this.  I got just a darker shade this time and love it.  BTW, if you are interested in the Beautycounter products, go to my website

If you have questions on anything, just let me know.

IMG_3162  This is the Beautycounter Adaptive Moisture Lotion.  This lightweight lotion helps skin adapt to the ever-changing aggressors of modern life. Not only does it provide 24-hours of hydration — it actually adjusts hydration levels throughout the day for a smooth look and feel and radiant glow. I have just started using this about one week ago, and so far, love it.

IMG_3161  This is the Beautycounter Plumping Peony Facial Mist.  Talk about a pick me up. This is a great mist to use several times a day.  It gives you face a little boost, and pick me up.  In fact. I am just about out of this and need to order more.

IMG_3158 The Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel.  This leaves your face feeling a little tingly in the beginning, but after a few uses, you don’t notice that any more.  I have not been using it long enough see results, but once this bottle is empty, I will report back my thoughts.

Again, for any of the Beautycounter products, you can go to my website,

Check out all of the items they have to offer, (they have really good sunscreens and this time of year, we should ALL be using these) and leave me a comment with your questions.

Well gang, this is all of the products I will share for now.  I need to leave a few for next time.

Remember, check back tomorrow when I will post about a few of my favorite foods and some just all around tips.

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But for now

Remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, get up and move, let’s all get up and do 10 squats now, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and come back tomorrow for more.

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