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Tips and Foods

Tips and Foods

Hallejuah it is FRIDAY!!!  This has been the craziest busiest week I can remember for a long time.  And, I am having one of those days, ( I get these every once in awhile)  My mind is in 1 million places and I cannot focus on one item, so I have no idea how this blog is going to work today, so I apologize in advance.

On the schedule today, I had said I would post about foods I enjoy and tips on “just things’ .  Well, in going through my memory bank, I really don’t have a lot, but here goes!

First, I had told you all I would post a pic of the new ride.  Well, here she is, my new little toy.  IMG_3166.JPG

Only, I am learning it is not as little as I thought it was, but the air works, the windows work, and BONUS, the horn works.  What more can I ask for!  She’s just so cute!

I am going to list some of the foods that eat on a regular basis:


I eat some kind of greens everyday.  It might be spinach, arugula, kale, and some lettuce mixed in, but I eat greens and lots every day.

I eat SOME fruit everyday.  I have really cut back on this, since I am trying to cut back on sugar, and it seems my body does not miss it too much.

I eat eggs everyday.  I always have boiled eggs in the refrigerator, plus I eat a lot of scrambled eggs.

Almost everyday I will have jerky.  It makes a good snack, and adds protein to my diet.

Again, almost everyday, I have some kind of chips.  I do this, especially when it is warm like it is now, to keep my sodium levels up.

I also have at least a small piece of chocolate every day, of course I have coffee everyday, (sometimes at least 2 cups) I have one cup of green tea everyday, I eat a lot of PROTEIN everyday, I have a starch like rice or potatoes 2-3 times a week.

I start each morning with my collagen and coffee.  Sometimes, I will add just a little protein powder to the coffee as well.

I add Bragg Nutritional Yeast to my lunch and dinner.

I add Bragg ACV to my lunch.

I TRY to have warm lemon water every morning.

If I make oatmeal for breakfast, I will use egg white instead of water, again for extra protein.

I do treat myself to a cookie, once in a while.

Some things I do just to up my metabolism a little:

When I have the dog out in the morning, when he stops to do his morning business, I will do squats, or pushups.

I will do squats as I am shining/cleaning things, like the outside of the refrigerator.

I will walk down the garage ramp rather then take the elevator and than walk back up.

When I walk or jog, I will make it an effort to engage my entire core for as long as I can.

I am a counter.  I know, this is weird, but whatever I do, I count, and I almost always count to the same number, 8.  If I am holding a lift, I count to 8, if I am brushing my teeth, I count to 8 and then change areas.  When I put lotion on, I blend in one spot for a count of 8. Those are just a few examples, but it seems to make me concentrate more on what I am doing.  (I know this is weird, but do you know me?)

For now, that is all of the foods and tips I can think of.  I am thinking of doing more similar posts next week, just in a little more depth.  If there are any topics you want me to talk about, leave me a comment at the bottom of this post.

BUT, I do want to share one thing with you all.  As I had G out on our jog this morning, there is a (homeless) person that actually just sleeps on the sidewalk that we walk by.  Well, this morning, I could see him moving around and get up as we got closer.  No big deal, right?  Well he looks at me, takes on step off the sidewalk, whips out his dick and pees as he watches me walk by.   REALLY!!!  No I did not stare, but how rude, at least PLEASE turn your back.  I do not need not want to see this at 5 am in the morning!  Sorry I invaded his “bathroom”!

Anyway, life is good!

Well all you Kangaroos out there!  I hope everyone has a great weekend, be good or bad, which ever you prefer! Let me know what you would like to read about and I will do my best, feel free to share pics with me, you all are getting to know me real well, I want to get to know every one of you!

My post on Monday is going to be about the Botanical Gardens here in the ATL.  Daud and I are going there tomorrow.  We will take plenty of pics to share.

But for now, be sure to leave your comment below

Remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, get up and move, let’s all get up and do 10 squats now, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and come back tomorrow for more.

Take care


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