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Lots of Pictures Today

Lots of Pictures Today

Hey Hey all you friends.  Everyone have a great weekend?

I have a lot of pictures to share with you today.  OD and I went to the Botanical Gardens here in Atlanta on Saturday.  It was amazing.  We have seen this display before, several years back.  It is a traveling display and is absolutely amazing.  We planned this so that we could be there shortly after they opened, so that we could pretty much be through everything before it got too hot.  And we made it.

The display consists of 11 mosaiculture.  I am going to show pictures of all 11, I will give you their name, and after the pictures, I will explain how they make these.

  1. Storybooks 
  1. Mammoth


  1. Rip VanWinkle


  1. Earth Goddess


  1. Phoenix


  1. Mermaid


  1. Sleeping Princess and Dragon


  1. Camels


  1. Peacock
  1. Pegasus


  1. Shaggy Dog


I think maybe the shaggy dog was my favorite, it looked so real.

They make these by first sculpting a LARGE frame if the form of whatever it is they are making.  Once the frame is completed, this is placed in a green house, to promote optimal growth.  The frame is then stuffed with a planting medium, an internal irrigation system is attached and thousands and thousands of plants are “plugged” into the frame.  It takes several weeks for the growth too yield colorful, living, textures.    They than use large semi trucks, cranes and smaller equipment to move the sculptures from the greenhouse to their positions in the garden.  This whole process takes several weeks.

If you live in Atlanta, or plan on visiting soon, I highly recommend coming to this exhibit.  this will run through October, and than it is gone again.

We did walk the entire garden, which takes, at our pace, about 2 hours.  I have more pictures from the edible garden, the orchids, and a few others, but I will share those tomorrow.  So come back tomorrow for those pics.

When we left, we did not feel like stopping for coffee, since we were pretty darn warm by now but we both felt like “just a bite”.  OD who really likes Bubble Tea or good fresh juice, suggested we find a juice place.  We did go by one on the way to the interstate, it was called Juiceheads.  Ok, I am not really a big juice person, I like to chew my food, but, it sounded really good.

So we stopped and walked in, and to be honest, looked pretty cool.  I THINK, but am not sure this is owned by two sisters, and everything is made right there as you wait.  (Not speedy, but it is worth the wait)  I will say, this was so good, so refreshing, and very satisfying. o-2

I think their menu changes pretty often, according to what is in season.  I cannot even tell you what I ordered, but it was good.  Ok, not the least expensive juice, but like the wait, well worth it.

We gang, I must get back to other things, for now, so come back tomorrow for more pictures of the gardens, and a few more foods and drinks I have found that are really worth trying.

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So, until tomorrow, remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, get up and move, let’s all do 10 jumping jacks now,   WHEW, glad that does for now, and keep a smile on your face, tomorrow is a promise to no one!  BE HAPPY!!!


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