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Well here we are again!  Wow, what a day already.  It seems for every one thing I get to check off my list, two more pop up!  But that is okay, it keeps my mind off food.

Speaking of food, since hubs has been traveling, and I am trying to eat much healthier, I have lost a couple of lbs.  Or maybe, just maybe, it is because I have not eaten donuts for almost two weeks now.  In fact, other than a piece of chocolate a day, I have not had any “junk” food.  And, Bonus, I am feeling pretty darn good.  I have decided we just cannot say the “D” word in his presence, maybe I can get him to forgot about the donuts.  NO DONUTS!!IMG_3154

Ok, more on the Botanical Gardens from yesterday!  If you like plants, flowers, gardening, or just being outdoors, this is definitely a place you need to visit.  One of my favorite places to stop in is the Orchid area.  Orchids are such delicate and intricate flowers.  IMG_3182  Soo many varieties, colors, sizes, shapes.  They go from the very small mini orchids to the much larger orchids.  We spent quite a bit of time in here.

The other part I really like is the outdoor edible gardens.  They have SOO many herbs, vegetables, fruits, it is amazing.  They even had a tarot  root plant.IMG_3178.jpgIMG_3179.jpg

The following are just random pictures, the top one is a frog in the little pond, and the next one is of a Chihuly pc.


Ok, I think I have shared enough with the Gardens,  it is just such a good experience.

I have been wanting to try to make pickled daikon radishes, so finally, yesterday, I took about 20 minutes and put this together.

IMG_3206[1]  I can’t try them until tomorrow, but when I do, I will let you know how they are.  We have had these in Asian restaurants, and they are awesome.  I do hope these turn out.

I also made these Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Energy Balls.  (I got a coffee about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and really got a second wind)


I have tried one so far, and I will say, it did taste pretty good.  And bonus, very simple and no baking.

I am sure these have been around for a long time, but apparently I have just seen them for the first time.

IMG_3209.jpg These are Think Thin Protein Cakes.  These are really a great little treat!!!

OK kids, this is a bit shorter blog then I had planned on, but I need to get to the airport to pick up hubs and I just checked the flight, it is almost a full hour ahead of schedule, so I need to get going.

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So, until tomorrow, remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, get up and move, let’s all do 10 jumping jacks now,   WHEW, glad that does for now, and keep a smile on your face, tomorrow is a promise to no one!  BE HAPPY!!!



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