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Welllllll hellloooo!  Welcome back!   Today is just a random thought day for this blog, so bear with me and enjoy.  You might want to grab a beverage of choice first.

I want to share my day at the airport yesterday waiting for the hubs.  I checked the flight online, and it was one hour early  WOO HOO!!! So, allowing for traffic in Atlanta, I left about 45 minutes prior to the new arrival time.  With traffic, timing was excellent,  got there right when it SHOULD  landed.  Right as I was parking at the airport, it started to lighting and thunder.  I got in the airport and got a text from the hubs saying they had been diverted to Nashville???? WHAT  are you serious?  Apparently they knew they would not be able to land right away, due to weather, and they did not have enough fuel to circle?  Really??

Any who, glad I grabbed the laptop on my way out the door.  Decided to grab a coffee and a table and get some work done.  Went to grab my coffee and the lid popped off and coffee all over the front of me, down my legs, all over my shoes.  No way this was going to “wipe off”!  I was nice and tried to clean it up and I told the people working I made a BIG mess and apologized.  DAMN!!!

I went upstairs and got another coffee and found a table, and very carefully carried the coffee, and my laptop to the table.  I did end up getting lots of work done, but I was starting to get really stiff from the way I was sitting.  What the hell, I was ahead on my work, why not do a couple of laps around the airport.  Apparently, all of the flights were delayed because you could not even walk around the airport.  And why do they keep airports like meat lockers?  I finally went and walked around outside where I could actually walk and get warm.  Hubs finally got in, about 3 1/2 hours late.  But good to have the big guy home.

Airports are so entertaining.  There are some things that just should be against all fashion rules.  For example, if your stomach sticks out more then your boobs, maybe, just maybe, you should not wear a tube top?  Do you think that is fair!!!

Since hubs is home, I will really need to control my eating again.  When he is gone, I pretty much, I think you would call it intuitively eat.  I eat when I am hungry and what my body feels like.  I had been eating a lot more protein, and a lot less sugar, which I mentioned, and am feeling pretty good.  I will have to be really careful how I eat again.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that I went to Physical Therapy.  At the time, I did not know if I would do more or not, but I did decide to go back, and I have now done 4 sessions.  The therapist actually said I really did not need to come back, as long as I did the exercises they gave me EVERY DAY.  I can do that!!!  Other than when I sit too long, my back is feeling better.  My knees, well, maybe because I have been doing a lot of squats, leg presses, and more jogging and lots of stairs, at times they feel a little weak, but I definitely think they are getting better.

Did everyone order more Four Athletics?  I cannot wait to get mine.  I know that all of the new Paleomg wear has been 100% funded, so I do not know if you can still order that or not but take a look at their site

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More randomness.  Is anybody hooked on the Cooking Chanel other than me?  I can’t cook worth crapidoodle, I do try, but I love to watch this channel.  Last night it was the Kids Baking Championship.  What’s up with this!  these very young kids can cook better than me!! And they are so animated and happy.

I also love Chopped.  One show that I watched they needed to use Chocolate Sauerkraut cake in making their meal.  And they made it work!  They put the most random and bizarre items in their baskets.  Sometimes I actually get a few ideas from this show.

Anywho gang, it is time to move on to get other things accomplished.  I hope you enjoyed this random post, I enjoyed doing this.

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So, until tomorrow, remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, get up and move, let’s all do 10 jumping jacks now,   WHEW, glad that does for now, and keep a smile on your face, tomorrow is a promise to no one!  BE HAPPY!!!


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