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Hello all you scooby dos!  I hope that everyone had a great weekend. What did you do?  Tell me because I really do want to know.

My weekend was really uneventful!  I do not even have pictures to share.

We started out Friday evening by going out to dinner.  I am almost embarrassed to say where we went, ok, here goes.  We went to Sweet Tomato.  If you do not know what this is, this is a salad buffet restaurant.  We have actually been there several times this summer.  On Friday evenings, when it is hot, neither of us feel like eating a lot, so this is the perfect place to go.  Plus, it is really close, so easy to run over and eat.

Another good thing about this, we both eat really healthy.  I filled, (and I do mean filled) my plate with greens, they have a very good selection of salad greens, and it always appears to be very fresh.  Than I layer on chopped vegetables, like carrots, radishes, celery, cucumbers, I will add a little chopped boiled egg, cheese, this week they have chopped Brussel sprouts, and I always add olives and pickles.  I will put dressing in the little cup they provide, and then pretty much just dip everything in the dressing.

They also have a baked bar, where they have mini gluten free muffins  This week they had lemon.  These are so good, even hubs had one and said it was good.  That was our exciting but relaxing Friday evening.

Saturday we did make it to the Dekalb Farmers Market, but we got there a little later then we should have, and it was so crowded you could barely get through the isles.  We did pick up a few items, and I got the fresh cut flowers I wanted.  These flowers are so fresh and very reasonably priced.  I am curious to see how long they will last.

We also picked up some hand made pasta that we had for lunch yesterday.  This was amazing!  I am sure we will be back another day, but earlier in the day.

We did not make it to a movie this weekend like we planned.  We pretty much just ran out of time.  Sunday, since the hubs had been gone for two weeks, we really needed to stock up on food.  This took a lot of time, especially to put it all away, and do the food prep.  I have a huge bowl of fresh vegetables in the fridge to snack on.  I also have a bowl of fruit all washed and ready to eat.  When it is this warm, sometimes for lunch, I will just fill a plate with all vegetables and fruit  and snack on them.  I know this is not the best plan, especially since I am trying to eat more protein, but when it is so hot, that is all that sounds good.  I did this today, but, I know that we are having lamb chops for dinner so that will be a lot of good protein.

We also went to they gym yesterday and sat in the hot tub and the pool for over a an hour.  That felt great.  By then, it was late Sunday afternoon and I had a little work to get done, and call it a day!

Now tell me what you did.

We have now watched two more OTB shows.  It is getting MUCH better.  Most all of the original characters are back, so now I am really enjoying this.  There are some new characters as well.  They have to do this to keep it fresh, and of course, there are those you like and those you don’t like so much.  Is anybody else watching this?  If so, is it just me or does it seem some of the cast has put on a few pounds?  Ok, that was rude, since I am not twiggy, but it seems there are several returning cast members that are a little larger than last year.  What do you think?

Ok, another really bizarre show that I really like is Diesel Brothers.  This a show about a company in Utah that builds huge outrageous trucks.  I don’t know jack doodle about trucks, or the engines, or anything, but I love watching this show.  They are in the middle of building a Monster Bus Truck.  They started with an old school bus, and once this is done, the total height is going to be like 13′ 6 “, or something like that.  You should watch at least just a few minutes of this.  Crazy!

How is everyone doing with their eating?  This is a real question.  Please send me your comments to my e-mail

since I do really want to know.

I have not been doing too bad.  I am thinking a lot of it is do to the heat.  When I get this hungry, I just don’t have that much of an appetite.  I do drink an enormouss amount, and sometimes, I tend to not get enough salt.  I had that situation yesterday.  I knew it was coming, I can feel it.  It is a really kind of like an out of body feeling.  When I get like this, I will either just add lots of salt to my water, or, like yesterday, I had chips and I was getting a little hungry, so I ate a lot of chips, dill pickles and fresh cut vegetables with a lot of sea salt sprinkled on them.  Does anybody else get like this?

Today was just another random post, but tomorrow I am going to go over all of the companies again that I am working with, just as a reminder to all of you.  So, if there is a particular subject you want to hear about, please send me an e-mail.

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For now, I got to go!  I need to get more work done on my very long list, and oh ya, the AC is NOT working again, so what else is new!

Check back tomorrow and I will let you know what they are going to do to fix this.

Remember to let me know what topics you want to hear about, what Beautycounter products you might have questions on, and how your eating is doing.  That is your homework assignment for today.

Take care all you little rascals and leave your comments

and until tomorrow,

Remember to hydrate lots, lets all take a drink now, get up and move, lets all do 10 pushups now, be happy, keep that silly ass smile on your face, and remember, tomorrow is a promise to no one!


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