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Another Day, and no AC working.  Wow, this is getting more than ridiculous.  A tech came out yesterday, and was supposed to charge the unit so it would at least cool.  Not sure what he did, but we have one unit that has not stopped running since Saturday.  And needless to say, our office is on the side that is NOT working.  They came out this morning to evaluate??? and now, they are coming out Thursday to do some mumbo jumbo crap that probably is not going to work.  I told them they just need to put in a new unit, and well, they need to exhaust ALL options before they put in a new unit.  So I asked, are you just hoping to band aid it long enough so that it will cool off and I will forget about this?  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  So now, I will see what they do on Thursday. Oh, you ask what company is this.  It is Reliable Heating and Air, or as I like to call them, Unreliable.

I just commented yesterday that I had been doing much better on my eating and snacking.  Obviously, I jinxed that.  Last night I could not get enough to eat.  I kept thinking that maybe it was because I was low on salt, but I did all of the regular things to remedy that, and I was still hungry.  I even woke up hungry this morning.   I ate a good breakfast and now I am eating a very high protein lunch.  Maybe I did not get enough protein yesterday.

Speaking of protein.  Last night I made these Lamb Blade Chops IMG_3214

They we so good.  I also made brussel sprouts with these, very good dinner.  And, that is what I am having for lunch today.  For dinner tonight I am making tenderloins, so another high protein dinner.  Maybe I just need to catch up on my protein intake.  I just checked and yesterday I only had 85 grams of protein, when I normally get 100 grams a day or more.

I had said yesterday I was going to do today’s post on all of the companies that I am working with, but I will not get this done today.  Since they were out here pretty much all morning farting around with the AC, I am behind on my days’ activities, so I will do this tomorrow.  If you do have questions about any particular product, please send me an e-mail

Did everybody get a good workout in today?  We got our walk, hubs is walking with us again so it is a little slower, but we still get out there and walk, and, bonus, he is picking up his pace.

My workout was just ok.  I was a bit lethargic today, now sure why, but just could not get my shit together.  I think I need some new exercises.  I may need to go back to the plan I got from IMG_2250

This always seems to motivate me some.  Or maybe it was just the heat and humidity from our walk.???  Anyway, I do think I will try Jessica’s wo plan again, and see if that will remotivate me.  Share your work out with me and maybe I can even get some ideas from that.  admin-ajax.php  I need something to get this bootie going!

I think it might be time to post more pics of working out tomorrow also, what do you think.

Speaking of working out, yesterday, I was doing some kettle bells swings and hit my hoo haa.  Has anyone ever done that?  Or am I the unique and only really clumsy person that does things like that.  I wonder if you can bruise there???

Ok, enough of that.  This is a little shorter today, I am running behind on things, and want to get things finished, and a good start on tomorrow.

I do have to share some of Beautycounter things.  If you have not yet taken a look at my Beautycounter website,

Please do.  There are so many really good products there.  And they are working very hard to supply only safe skin care products.

Beautycounter launched 5 core makeup products last month that I am absolutely LOVING!

And they are seriously fabulous. So make-up lovers, these are ones you will 100% want to check out.

• Eyeshadow Pallets– 3 palettes, 9 shades each.
• Satin Blush Powder – I love both Nectar and Melon
Radiant all over Bronzer – I love Dune
• Luminous Powder- I love Topaz
• Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Take a peak at the above and let me know if you like any of this.  And remember, I am still offering the free gift with an order of $100 or more.

Well, got to go again!  Need to get to work and get ship done.  So, remember to leave me your comments

and come back tomorrow for more.

Remember, hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, get up and move, let’s all do one minute of running in place, and keep that smile on your face, be happy.

xoxoxo you doodle bugs.

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