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Greetings fellow blog readers.  How the heck is everyone doing today.  Hey, thanks to all of you that went to my Beautycounter site and placed orders.  You will not be disappointed with the product.!

Ok, what is everyone up to today?  Just working my little fingers to the bones today.  Seriously.  I might have slept a minute longer than usual.  (We do not set alarms unless we need to be up for something, seeing how we usually wake up by 5:30 am.  )  So there is that rare morning where we do sleep a minute longer.  When I say that, we are ALWAYS up by 5:45 AM, except weekends, where we do try to sleep a little later.  (I need all of the beauty rest I can get😘)

Man, the temperature was not bad walking this morning, but that humidity!!  Maybe that is why I am feel like I am just dragging today.  I just can’t get my mojo going!

I did an Aaptiv work out this morning.  It was 32 minutes of EMOM’s.  This was not my favorite work out, I have found better workouts on this site, and their stretch routines are really good.  I think I am too old school and I really prefer using weights and machines as opposed to body weight exercises.  The Aaptiv app is great for traveling, quick fill in workouts, they have some great programs for training for runs, they have some awesome yoga programs, ab and core, (I think I will try one of those tomorrow) but when I am in the gym, I prefer to use the machines and weights.  I just feel like I can measure my progress much better.   There is a program called You are UnCOREgettable I think that I will try tomorrow, I will let you know how I like this.

The app itself is pretty cool, you can go through and preview and read reviews, and then if you want to try that program, you add it to your to do list.  That way, you do not have to go back and look for the programs you want to try.  Once you finish the program, you can rate it, and if you want to do it again.  If you have not checked this out yet, you really should.  Come on people, get that booty up and moving!!!💃🏼

Who has been watching Orange is the New Black?  If you remember, earlier this week I had said I just couldn’t get into it because some of the old cast was not there, they had new cast, and blah blah blah.  Well, we finished the entire season last night.  We didn’t mean too, but once they laid out all of the ground work for the new season, ( I will not give out any details for those of you who have not watched this yet, or who have not finished it) but obviously, it got much better.  If you have or are watching this, please let me know what you think.


Now that we have seen all of that, what other series  can we binge watch?  What are you guys watching?  Let me know.

But, football is starting, so that will give us a lot to watch.  The Atlanta Falcons have their first preseason football game tomorrow night.  I like to watch about the first quarter of preseason, but that is about it.  In my opinion, preseason if just kind of practice that the coaches can watch and determine who they are and are not going to keep on the team.  The real games don’t start until the first real game.

And the college season starts on September 1.  Our Nebraska Huskers have a new coach this year, a former Nebraska player who was on the championship team, so this is going to be a very exciting season.  I am excited for both!

Today was infusion day, and for some reason, this just did not go so good today.  In the almost year that I have been doing this now, this is the first time it has made me a little “weakish”.  I am not sure how to explain how I feel, but not so good, and the sites really swelled up.  I was going to share a picture of this, but decided I did not need to gross everyone out.  I did eat a good breakfast, but really just want to lay on the floor for minute and get my shit gathered!  Or, maybe it was the humidity today.  I don’t know, but my answer is, drink more water.💧

Well everyone, again, I got to go, got things to do, places to be, work to get done!   Unreliable is here again today, it is Thursday and they have been here everyday this week, and supposedly, this is the fix to fix everything.  🤑  Ask me tomorrow if this is the last fix!!!

Well kidididdles please leave me your comments,

Share your thoughts and let me know if you have questions or comments, or topics you want me to talk about, and come back tomorrow for an update on the AC.

Until then, remember to hydrate, get up and move, be happy, and remember, tomorrow is a promise to no one.


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