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How many of you get the feeling every once in a while that you have just blown all of your hard work and feel like “What the hell”.  Maybe you indulged just a little too much on desert, a meal, drinks, or have been on vacation and not eating and working out like normal, and now you have just lost all of your motivation?

I get like that every once in awhile.  It seems like you try so hard, and have been good for so long, but now, your will power is just kaput!  It happens to all of us at some point in time.  The thing is, we can’t let this set us back.  Let’s face it, if you can’t enjoy eating things that you miss,or crave, or maybe you just feel like a piece of buttery bread, than what is the point.  Sometimes, you just have to say F___ it and dig in.  And you know what, that is okay.  Tomorrow or next week is another day, and you can get back on track and quit beating yourself up over this.

I say all of this because this is truly me.  I can go a long time and be really good, but then, like those dang donuts, IMG_3154You just have to give in, and ENJOY!  I honestly feel this makes it all worth while.  And you know what I might have another donut over the weekend, if we go there!

At one point this week, I was listening to a podcast and they had a guest on and she somewhat addressed this issue.  The other thing, maybe you tried Paleo, Low Carb, Low Fat or whatever else the diet was at that particular time.  But you know what, we change.  Our life styles change, our eating preferences change, our taste change and maybe what had been working for you or me, and seemed good, no longer works, or you are just tired of it and need a change.  There is no one eating plan that fits all of the people all of the time, and yes, our tastes change, or our likes and dislikes, so why not change our way of eating.

I will admit, I am pretty consistent on most things, because I do know what will affect my body, (My RA) and what helps, so I try to be good 90% of the time.  Like I know if I eat too much sugar, I am going to have issues, or if I don’t drink enough water, or take in enough sodium, I will have issues.  But if I decide I want to eat something, I will, and I will not be sorry the next day.  Just get up and get back at it.  And, when you are on vacation, calories don’t count anyway, right???  The thing is, when this happens, you just need to start over, and Monday’s is always a good day to start over, clean out your fridge and cupboards of junk food, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink a shit load of water, and just stay active.  All will be good.

Ok, that was my little soapbox talk for the day.  On to other things.

I talked about yesterday how I just wasn’t feeling it?  Well, now I am quite sure that I had a reaction to my infusion, and just needed a good nights sleep.  I feel much better today!  (Even into last evening, I was not feeling good, and I really can’t describe how I felt, almost like I was getting the flu) But today is a good day.  I had energy for our walk, I had a good energy for my workout, and it is mid afternoon and I still have energy.  (Ok, I might need more coffee IMG_2307-1later, but who doesn’t want that afternoon cup of coffee?)  We even got out Costco run out of the way at lunch, with energy to spare!

Do any of you go to Costco?  I like to go there because you can get good prices on a lot of things, especially when they are on sale, but the people there are so f___ing rude!!!  And forget it if they are giving out samples!  People, this is not a lunch buffett, don’t stand there and feed you 4 kids lunch!!!!!!  Who eats samples anyway, God only knows how many hands have touched that shit, and I don’t need anyone else’s germs!!!  Wow, that was a rant but sometime if you do go there, just stand aside and watch the people!

Back to my workout.  I said yesterday I was going to do another wo from he Aaptiv App.  Well, I lied.  I did not do that, I did d0 another wo from Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.47.09 PM  Something about these workouts get me moving!  I have a few favorites from Jessica that I like to do, but one of my most favorites is IMG_1701     Looks easy, but try it sometime.  I think next week I am going to do one full week of wo from Paleomg.

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?   We are having Dim Sum with some friends over the weekend, and hubs wants to do some shopping as well.  He has a couple of trips coming up, one being overseas again, and he needs a few things.  I want to try to find a new swimsuit.  I know summer is almost over, but since I wear, as most people do, a suit all year round, I need a new one.  Maybe I will live on the edge and get a 2 pc!!!

I am going to try to make a schedule for each blog for next week, I like to know what I am going to blog about in advance.  I will list the schedule on Monday, but I think one day I will blog about what I eat in a day, my macros and calories, one day will be the exercises I do in a day, and what I do beside actually work out, one day will be my morning and evening skin routine, and I think Monday I will blog about the weekend, the Dim Sum, and our shopping experience, and maybe Mr. G, my fearless and ferocious baby.IMG_2615  One day I may do an entire blog on Beautycounter.  I do hope everyone has taken a look at my website,

and maybe even placed an order.  The 20% off the entire site is good until August 13, just remember to enter the code LOVE at check out.

If you specific topics you would like me to blog about, please send me an e-mail and tell me what you want to read about

Oh Yea, I almost forgot, football, (preseason) starts for the Falcons tonight!  Go Falcons.!  I will also be sure to be blogging about football.

So peeps, leave me your comments

and remember, until next time,

Hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, (how many of you drink a gallon of water per day or more) be active, let’s all do 10 jumping jacks right now, be happy, get that smile

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on your face, and remember, tomorrow is a promise to no one, so dance like no one is watching.

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