My Journey

My Life, one day at a time!

Hi there everyone!

First, I am going to start something new.  I ma starting each post off with some kind of motivation, for you as well as for me.  So, for today.

I am starting today with a goal of just simply been the best I can be, whatever it is I  am doing, waking, working out, working, being a good wife and mother and person in general.  What is your goal for today?

Well, our weekend did not quite go as planned.  Saturday was a great day.  Started off with a really nice walk, a good cup of coffee, and then we started out on our day.  IMG_3219.jpg  First stop was our new favorite place for coffee and donuts, and yes, I did have  donut.  Well, I actually took it home and had it Saturday evening.  And it was do good, I have no regrets about eating it. We sat and enjoyed our coffee, than started out on our day.

First stop was Road Runner.  This is where we get all of our walking shoes.  They have a great selection and their prices are good.  We both found new sneakers.  The hubs is actually trying a pair of Hoka’s.  These are what I wear a lot of the time, and they are very comfortable.

By now it was lunch time, and the hubs felt like “noodles”.  There is a Jinya Ramen Bar right by the shoe store, so we had lunch there.  I am not sure if we were both hungry, but the food was awesome.  I got a California Poke Bowl with Quinoa and Beans.  mainThis was so good, and I only got the small but I could not finish it.  Very Good.

From there we ventured on to the mall, and did not have a lot of luck there, so we left and went home.  We were going to go out to a movie, but decided to wait until Sunday.

Well, Sunday rolls around and hubs is SICK.  If you know him, you know he never gets sick, never complains, but when he told me to call the Dr., I knew something was wrong. I even asked if he wanted to go to the ER, and he said “not yet”.  The Dr. thought he might have a bacterial infection, called in some meds, and said to call him Monday AM.

I did go out and get some food, but didn’t want to leave him to long because he even he me help him walk around, I was very concerned about him.

Update on the hubs, he finally decided this morning we needed to go to the ER.  We are currently sitting here they have done a lot of tests, and have decided to keep him over night.  Seems he has a severe infection, but that is all we know for now.  So, come back tomorrow to see what else we learn.

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I have actually put together a schedule for the blog posts for this week;

Tuesday, I will post about my morning and evening skin routines

Wednesday, I will post about my daily meal and macros, calories and water

Thursday, I will post about some of the exercises I do and things I do through out the day

Friday, I have not yet decided, but probably I will post about football, and some tips I do

Look got to go and get things done.  So, leave me your comments

And until tomorrow, stay hydrated, just drink a shit ton of water, stay active, so you don’t get old,  stay happy, because it is better then being an Oscar the Grouch, and remember

xoxoxo to you all!

I would love to hear your feedback