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Well, it has been a long and uphill battle, but here I am, at least for today.  I do hope that I can be back on schedule to post a daily Monday thru Friday blog, but for now, I will take one day at a time.  Starting with today.

I went back and read, and the last blog post I did was on August 14th.  Wow, I really need to apologize to all of you regular readers, but I am sure you can understand.

To update everyone.

First, I need to thank everyone who inquired and sent well wishes and prayers for both my husband and myself.  Thanks to all.

And, I need to thank our kids and their spouses, because without their daily twice a day updates and calls, I would never have made it though this.  It was very touch and go for awhile, and I needed to be strong for the hubs, and they were strong for me.  Such wonderful children and spouses we have.  Thank you all!

Ok, for an update and somewhat summary of what has happened and what is going on.  In the last blog post, I said hubs decided to go to the ER, and they ended up admitting him almost immediately.  We still do not know what happened, or how it happened, but some how, we think due to his diabetes, a very simple scratch on his leg got a terrible infection, very serious infection, he let it go too long, and by the time he got to the hospital, it was affecting all of his major organs.  They were seriously talking about amputation for several days, and I feel that scared the life out of him, as well as me.

After two solid weeks of antibiotics via IV, and them putting a stent in one of his arteries, he was finally released from the hospital, but he still is on an oral antibiotic, the dosage I have never seen this much !!!    On October 1, they will put a second stent in, they could not do both at the same time.

His leg is almost down to normal size, I do stress almost.  When he went to the ER, his leg was about the size of my waist, and fire engine red, and very HOT to touch.  It is still red, but not quite so fire engine red, it is still a little warm, but not quite so hot, and he is walking.  That in itself is short of a miracle.  In fact, when I came in at lunch today with the dog, he said come with me, I am going to try a short walk, and we did !!!  That is a major step for us!  ( I have pictures of his leg that we took along the way, but they really are gross, and I do not want to put those out there)

With this stay in the hospital., he has learned that his eating habits and lifestyle need a huge and complete change.  I know that our kids do not believe he can do this, but this has completely changed his mindset.  In the week that he has been home from he hospital, we have eaten and are trying many new foods, herbs, ways of preparing food.  He has realized he has a LOT of weight to loose, and has already lost a lot.  Along with the weight loss, he realized he has to completely change what he eats, cut back on the alcohol, and needs more exercise, as soon as he is able.  I am by his side 100% percent, trying to be encouraging and upbeat about this all of the time.

As for his work, I am not sure if or when he will return full time.  For now, and just starting today, he is answering a few e-mails at a time, and then elevating his leg for some time.  Obviously, he cannot go back until after they put the second stent in, but we are taking one day at a time.

I have been thinking about this a lot, and I am very tempted to “kind of” change the direction of this blog.  I will still post about things like exercises I do, products I use and endorse, and the discount codes for you readers, but I might also kind of journal his journey through this change in his, (our, I say his but we are both doing it) eating style and as we get into different types of exercises.  Would you readers be opposed to that?

I will also ask for help and ideas from any of you readers who has experience keeping diabetes under control, as well as eating for heart health.  (These are his two biggest issues at this time.  )  He has finally realized also, that if he can loose enough weight, and starts eating better, he may be able to get off some of the many medications he is taking.  Has anyone out there had success on this?  Send me a message

and let me know.

Also, if you have food ideas, recipe ideas, any help you can offer, I am open to everything at this  point in time.  Please share.

I said above that we have been trying many new foods.  One we had yesterday was butter nut squash zoodles.  Ok, I know these have been around for a long time, but we just got around to trying them.  How good are these!  Put a little sauce on them and they are awesome.  (I think I need to start taking pictures of our plates, because some of this food is just so darn good.)  We also had fresh trout the other day that was too die for, and sea bass yesterday!  Seafood is probably one of my favorite foods, so I am loving this.

OK, as for me. I am good.  All through this little ordeal, I kept telling myself, I had to take care of myself, because I could not get sick nor tired. So, G and I went for our walks everyday, I worked out a little every day, (I tried to fit this all in while being at the hospital 8-10 hours a day) but my sleep was a little deprived.  Now that he is home, especially over the long weekend, I did get a little extra rest in, but it is amazing how little sleep you can survive on.

Well, I think I have you all up to date on the hubs.  He has a follow up appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow, and than a follow up and going over with his PCP on Thursday.  These two appointments will tell us a lot.

We gang, thanks for checking back, and being loyal readers, and unless all hell breaks lose, I will have another post and more updates tomorrow.

Please let me know how you feel about the direction of the podcast and also, if you have any suggestions for the hubs on his journey to a better and healthier lifestyle, please share.

Oh man, I almost forgot, football season is here.  And bummer, our favorite college team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 5b8b34a9796f3.imagetheir game was cancelled Saturday night due to storms.  😤  But the Atlanta Falcons play on Thursday night, and I am so excited for this, I will have lots to blog about on Friday.  Go Falcons.mifujfbjfaf4vqwbv0ck

So peeps, leave me your comments

and remember, until next time,

Hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, (how many of you drink a gallon of water per day or more) be active, let’s all do 10 jumping jacks right now, be happy, get that smile

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on your face, and remember, tomorrow is a promise to no one, so dance like no one is watching.

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