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Little update for those of you who know the hubs.  He had a follow up today with the cardiologist, and after about 1 and a half hours, everything is going really well.  They checked him out from head to toe, and everywhere in between, and he is making great progress.  His weight is good, his heart is good, he just needs to be able to start walking more.  (As I write this, I am waiting for a call back from the infectious disease Dr. for him, legs needs to improve some yet)

Moving on.  I was up a few minutes earlier today, knowing I would be away from my desk for some time, and I wanted to get a good walk in and a good work out. Well, Mr G sometimes has a mind of his own, and he just did not feel like going to fast, nor too far.  In all honesty, I think the humidity is just starting to get to him, so I just let the old dog do what he wanted.  We did get 2 1/2 miles in, really short walk, but then I was kind of out of the mood and my work out was kind of half assed.  Tomorrow is another day!  I also need to start back on a program, since I have just been doing crazy shit, or whatever I feel like when I get there.

Did I tell you all about the new scale I got?  When hubs got home from the hospital, and we know he was going to have be weighing himself, he said he did not like the scale we had, it was not accurate. Ok, so I bought a new scale that is VERY accurate, and what I like, it measures Body Fat, BMI, Bone Mass and how much water is in your body. This is so cool, and somehow, it remembers the user, so you do not have to change users when you get on.  And he loves it, double bonus!

We had another awesome meal last night.  I baked boneless chicken thighs,and steamed green beans.  We sprinkled just a little cheese over the top.  This was a great meal, and when the hubs likes it, it is a bonus!  Because I was out all morning, I do not have dinner planned yet, but I am going to try to take pictures tonight, because we are finally eating “attractive” plates.

Podcasts.  I think that I listened to too many podcasts recently.  I tried to listen to a couple the other day, and it just did not get it done for me. I used to get so excited and into the podcasts, that I could not wait until the new ones came out.  Not right now.  Maybe I just need a break from them for a time.  It was the same way with music.  It used to be, all I listened to was music, and then I just got tired of it and it did nothing for me, all the music sounded the same, so I switched to podcasts.  So now, I will go back to music for awhile.  Do any of you have this issue?

I am afraid I need to cut this posts a little short, since I was out of the office for so long today, and I need to get to the bank yet today, need to pay those bills!

Tomorrow I am going to try to post about Beautycounter products I have gotten recently and am really loving, the Four Athletics new discount code I got and will share with everyone, along with the new Four Athletics clothing that will be coming out soon, and a few other things I am promoting and working with.  I really appreciate when you readers help to support this blog.

But for now, please send me your comments

and remember to hydrate, let’s all take a big drink now, be active, EVERYBODY do 10 jumping jacks, keep a smile on your face, be happy, and remember, tomorrow is a promise to no one so dance like no one is watching.

till tomorrow  xoxoxo

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