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Go Falcons!!!

Go Falcons!!!

Here we go again, another crazy day.  One day,  I will wake up and leisurely get out of bed, casually go out for a run or walk or what ever it is, ease into a good work out, and sit and enjoy my coffee, but not today!  Don’t misunderstand, this is not me complaining, life is good, and my business is doing good right now, but I have SO many things I want to do, and I cannot fit them all into 24 hours! Plus tonight is FOOTBALL!!!!

Had a good conversation with OS yesterday, and he gave me some really good ideas for recipes and foods to try, different things, so the hubs won’t get bored with his food, and get frustrated. One them involved goat. Now, we eat lamb, and love it, not so sure about goat, but what the hey! Let’s give it a whirl. I am going to google some recipes and see what I can find. If any of you have good REALLY healthy recipe ideas, please send to me

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Well gang, I hate to do this again, but hubs has another DR appt today, so I need to get a little more work done, a few other things, and then get him there, so, until tomorrow:

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