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Well, this has been the longest, busiest shortest week ever, or at least that is what I feel like.  I am really looking forward to the weekend, and maybe a short nap.

How many of you stayed up and watch the Falcon’s game last night?  I tried, but with the delay, and being really tired, I only made it to half time.  We did record it, so we are going to watch the rest tonight, but I do know that we lost.  Anyone have comments on this?

I said the other day that I was going to have to get back on a work out program.  Well, I did what I said, and started a new program yesterday.  I found this random sight online, and I liked what they had to say, so I am going to follow this routine through the end of September.  Or I say that now.  But, I liked the sight, it is specifically designed for a little more “mature” women, and I like the work out.  So, I will keep you updated.  Monday, I will post the routine and hopefully some pictures.  Have any of you started new routines, or what are you currently doing that you really enjoy?  Please share with us

Thanks to all of you that have ordered Beautycounter from my site,  for those of you that have not yet placed your order, please take a look at

There are SO MANY good products out there, and they are safer skin care products.  I haven’t yet tried the sunscreen, that is one of the next products I am going to try.  I forgot to mention, I am currently trying and using the Volumizing Mascara.  This is made with natural fibers, this advanced formula increases volume by 385%* to create fuller, more dramatic-looking lashes. The hourglass brush curls, separates, and plumps for high-drama glam–without clumping, flaking or smudging. Cleaner, plant-derived ingredients, like carnauba wax and rice bran wax, replace harmful emollients, while bataua oil helps soften lashes. I really like this because I am a contact lens wearer, and it is very hard to find a good mascara that doesn’t flake off and both the contacts.  I highly recommend this.

I mentioned the other day that I was really burned out on Podcasts.  Well, I went back and there was one that I wanted to listen to, and I am so glad I did.  This was podcast that had to much information on raising sustainable livestock and sustainable agriculture, it just blew me away.  One of the companies they work with is Epic Bar.  Have you ever had these?  If not, you should really try them.  “EPIC foods are the foundation for EPIC health. Therefore, we exclusively source 100% grass-fed beef and venison as well as wild-caught salmon. We aim to improve the supply chain while providing transparency about our suppliers’ practices whenever possible.”  I am trying to contact them to see if they would let me offer you readers a discount code so that you can try them at a discount.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

So after that episode, there were several others that I had not yet listened to, and now I am hooked on these podcasts again.  The podcast is Meat Head Hippie. 170x170bb If you have not listened to one of her podcasts, you should check it out.  I will tell you, you do have to be interested in health, nutrition, vitamins and herbs, and kind of physic things to listen to her.  She does a spirit animal at the end of each podcast, and also is going to have Taro Card reader on an episode soon, but I, personally like that kind of stuff.  If you do check out her podcasts, let me know what you think.

Well kids, I know this is kind of short again, but I am STILL trying to get all of my undone work done!  Between taking care of G, the hubs, my work, OH, and  a little bit for me, I am not all caught up yet.  My goal is, by Monday, I am completely back on track, and then I can spend more time on this blog, which is what I REALLY like to do.

Readers, I am going to ask you several questions if you will please send your reply to

  1. Do you have specific topics you would like me to blog about
  2. If any of you have really good, really healthy diabetic and heart healthy recipes, please send to me
  3. For you readers from other countries, please feel free to share pictures of your country, your foods, your family, anything that you would not mind if I post them on this blog, since I know all of the readers would love to see some of these.
  4. Any other comments or suggestions, please let me know.

Does anyone have fun things planned for the weekend?  We are thinking of maybe Sunday going to see the movie Peppermint.  Has anyone seen this yet?  It looks like a good movie and hubs needs to get out of the house, at lease for a bit.

SO, everyone, have a great weekend, and remember to send your comments to me

And don’t forget to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now! glass-of-water-how-drinking-8-glasses-of-water-every-day-could-kill-you-mirror-science-clipart Get up and move, lets all do 10 sit ups now, and keep that smile on you face,

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Tomorrow is a promise to no one!

Until Monday

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