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How great was everyone’s weekend?  We had a quiet, as it is going to be for some time yet, but really nice weekend.  Some how, I have a lot to blog about today, even though the weekend was quite.  So much, I really do not know where to start!

I will start with our food.  (and I do say our food, because in the hubs new lifestyle and eating, it is our joint efforts in these foods)  Friday night, I actually followed recipes and made some fantastic parmesan crusted tilapia IMG_3252 and amazingly, I remembered to take pictures of most everything, and also, roasted IMG_3253 sprouts.  I did follow recipes for both of these, and both were GREAT.  I figured the nutrition of the tilapia, and even though we both ate 6 ounces, it was barely 140 calories and a lot of protein.

When we did our grocery shopping, I found this kombucha IMG_3254 It has probably been around awhile, but I just saw it and am trying it, and it is really good.  The guava mango flavor is very refreshing.   OD recommended another brand, I think it is called Buchi,  Have any of you ever tried this?  Let me know if  you have.  I will have to try this next time.

Something else that the dauds recommended, and I forgot to pick up this weekend is IMG_2383

Have any of you tried this, and if yes, what do you think?  Send me your comment to

And then there was football.  Well, our Nebraska Cornhuskers had a disappointing loss, but for their first game of the season, and the team being as young as they are, I really do not feel bad.  I think our defense is really good, our offense needs a little work, but again, for the first game, and Colorado appeared to be quite good, and having so many true freshman on the team, I think we have the potential to have a really good season.  GBR!!!

We also went to the movie Peppermint.  Wow, this was a great movie, or at least I felt it was.  When a movie pretty much keeps me on the edge of my seat the entire show, it is good.  Jennifer Gardner is the lead in this, and I am so envious.  She has some bad ass development going on, her arms look awesome.  The movie itself tells a great story, and is very action packed.  If you have seen this, or plan on seeing it, let me know.

Sunday night we had another great, healthy, high protein meal.  The hubs grilled beef tenderloin, IMG_3256just perfectly, and we had cabbage with this, and on the side, we had a fantastic low fat, low calorie dressing he made with yogurt, cilantro, peppers and lemons IMG_3255

this had just a tiny after burn, but so much flavor, and again low carb, low fat, and very few calories.  (Somebody really needs to help me with my photography, or I need to set up a specific photograph area, I will work on that)

We also found another series on Netflix to binge on.  The series is Ozark.  We have been to the Ozarks, so some of this really looks familiar.  We are four episodes into Season 1, and so far, a good series.  What are you all binging on now, send me your favorite shows to

So I didn’t sleep that great last night, not sure why, and my walk was just okay, but I did get a really good lift in this morning.  I always feel so good after that.  Did you get a good work out in?  What workouts are you currently doing? Let me know.

This is the workout that I am currently doing, and have committed to do until the end of September:

Lat Pull Down

Leg Press

Chest Pres

Leg Curl

Shoulder Press

Seated Row

Leg Extensions

I am doing 3 sets of 8 each, and each week, I am increasing the weight.  So far, I am enjoying this workout.  (Tomorrow I will try to post some pics of this)

Just an FYI for all, tomorrow and I am going to post again, if we have or try new foods tonight, the products that I am endorsing, the discount codes for you readers, (there are a few new companies that I have contacted and trying to work with, I will let you know how that goes), podcasts that I am REALLY enjoying, and whatever else comes to mind.  If you have something particular you want me to blog about, please let me know.  I will also update all on the hubs progress.

Well doodle bugs, until tomorrow, remember to leave me your comments

remember to hydrate, everyone take a BIG drink now, be happy, keep that smile on your face

smiling woman wearing gray fur top

be active, let’s all do 10 squats NOW!!!  Have you done them?  and remember, tomorrow is not a promise to anyone, so dance like no one is watching!


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