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Crazy Busy😫

Crazy Busy😫

I have no clue why, but this is just another crazy busy day in the long line of crazy busy days.  I don’t know if I am trying to do TOO much, if my time management sucks, or what, but AHAHAHAHAH😖  But, I will survive and AM doing great!  Thank You for asking!

This might be a little shorter than I wanted, but, I still have some work things and personal things, and blog projects I am working on, so, here goes!

The hubs informed me this am that we really need to start sleeping a little later, since he is not really working right now, and no need to get up so early!  (Are you kidding me, I can’t get everything done now, and you want me to hang out in bed longer?  )  I do see his point,  and he is doing his part to make a HUGE lifestyle change, so I told him I would try to sleep a little longer.  Right now, I am always up by 5:30, Monday thru Friday, (weekends I do try to sleep later)  So, I WILL try, just like he is, to sleep a little longer each day.  Maybe, I will have more energy and actually get more done!  What do you think!

Since my post yesterday, we haven’t tried any new food, but we our having perch for dinner tonight, so I am going to take pictures of that, and how we prepare it!  (Side note!  One of the podcasts that I do not listen to much any more, but the podcaster always refers to her as me, myself, I or mine.  I have just realized I rarely do that.  I am always referring to us, we, our, and I am not sure why, maybe because the hubs and I have been married for so long, or maybe, because he is my best friend and I just consider us all the time?  But I rarely refer to ME!)  Back to topic!  I did pick up some Broccoli Rabe at the market this week also, so we might have that tonight as well.  We need to keep trying new things so that hubs doesn’t get bored!

I did get another really good workout in this morning, but, I did not get to take any pictures.  I thought of it AFTER I was done, so I am actually making a note in my workout log to take pictures tomorrow.  Does anyone else out there keep a workout log?  I am a note keeper and a tracker.  I keep track of my workouts, mainly so I can keep track of the weights I lift,  my memory is not worth shit!, I keep track of all of my food every day, I have no idea why, but now it is coming in very handy because hubs will ask how many calories or how much protein something has, I keep track of my phone conversations with my customers, and track what I do each day, so I know what I have to do the next day.  Is anyone else this anal?  I certainly hope so!

I was going to post about some of the products that I am currently using and really liking, but I did not get time to organize this information, so I will do this tomorrow.  Also, I have contacted a few new companies, and I am hooping to hear back from them.  I will do all of this tomorrow.

Podcasts:  Okay, I know that I said this the other day, but one of my new and favorite Podcasts is Meathead Hippie.  While I was NOT listening to podcasts, I missed a lot of hers.  I am now finally catching up, and I have skipped over a few,  I do this because some just do not interest me, however, I listened to three in the last two days and these were GREAT podcasts.  I really just want to reach out to her and tell her how much I enjoy these.  The ones I have just listened to kind of make me do a lot of thinking.  For example, she had a guest on the spoke of body image, weight lifting, intuitive eating, and a few other things, but part of the podcast was about how you need to imagine or visualize when you are lifting weights and working out, the results you want.  Years back, when I very first started lifting weights, Arnold Schwarzenger always said to visualize when you are lifting, so I am really trying to do this when I lift.  This also just makes you really think about what you are doing!

The podcast that I am listening to now is on the Body Awareness project, the skin part, and we  need to pay attention to the make up and products we put on our bodies and faces.  Aha!  this is where the Beauty Counter products come in.  These are really the safer skin products you need to be looking at.  Take a look at my website

and if you have questions, please let me know.  So many good products, I need to place another order today because I am out of several things.  If you have tried this, please let me know what you think, awesome, aren’t they?

Really quick update on the hubs.  He is doing MUCH better, he is really sticking to his new way of eating and has committed to this, he has asked me to research a few foods for him, which I have done.  He goes for 2 short walks each day, trying to get his strength built back up, and he has a follow up with the infectious disease doctor tomorrow.  I will let everyone know how that goes!  Keep you fingers crossed!

Well, that’s all I got for now, I PROMISE tomorrow will be longer, have pictures and be more informative!  But, if you have things you do want me to address, please send your comments to

And remember to keep hydrated, EVERYBODY drink now!  Get up and move, let’s all do 10 push ups now!  Be Happy, keep that smile on your face! and dance like no one is watching because tomorrow is a promise to NO ONE!

until tomorrow


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