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Just another Day in Paradise

Just another Day in Paradise

Trying to get an early start on today’s blog post.  (Good Luck with that I say!)  I am doing a pretty good job.

I did not take any pictures while I was working out today.  I was rushing just a little because the hubs had a follow up at the Infectious Disease Dr today, so I shortened my walk up just a little, and rushed through my wo, so I will take pictures tomorrow morning and share.  But, I did try to do less reps but more weight!  Good For Me!  (BTW) check up went well!

Ok, I KNOW that I need help on my photography, and I am working on it, so lighten up!   But, for dinner las night I made perch and snap peas, and even hubs commented how good this was!  Surprisingly, I baked the perch just right, and the snap peas were very crisp.  (I seasoned the perch with a few red pepper flakes and a touch of cayenne)  I might have even impressed myself, now, if I can just get to taking better pictures.  (When the new I phone comes out, and I get mine, I am going to take a class or two at apple and really learn to use the camera on my phone, than I can decide if I want to step off the ledge and get a really good camera or not)


I needed to redo my nails last night, and I was feeling a little girlie, so I did thisIMG_3260  Just a touch of glitter!  Who doesn’t like GLITTER!!

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I did contact a few more companies, and so far, I have only heard back from one.  I cannot become an affiliate or ambassador, they are at their capacity currently, but they did say they were going to send me something.  I do not want to name or promote this company until, or if, I get the something.  When or if I do, I will share with everyone the company and what they sent!

Well kids!  I need to get back that thing the hubs like to call work, and give me grief over, check out what I do when I am not blogging

So, until tomorrow, please send me your comments and or feedback to

Remember to stay hydrated💦 Everybody take a drink now, be active, get up and do 10 pushups🏃 be happy, keep that smile on your face😍 because tomorrow is a promise to no one!  And, check back tomorrow for more!


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