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Checking things of my list

Checking things of my list

Yes, I am actually getting things caught up, and checked off my list.  The list is still pretty long, but I feel like I am getting a grip on this.  And that is a good feeling.

First I want to thank all of you that have checked out the Beautycounter site, as well as the Four Athletic site, and ordered things using my discount codes!  Thanks and please do help support this bog.

I think that I must have been exhausted last night because I slept great!  Bad part, I slept so sound I woke up wide awake at 5:30, so, got up and got my day going.  I did do one think differently, I had some herbal tea before bed, maybe that helped???

I think Mr. G is feeling better because he actually walked good this morning, not much stopping to smell the roses🌹  After that I got a really good work out in.  I did take some pictures, but like I said yesterday, I REALLY need work on my photography!  It seemed really dark in the gym, so even with my flash, the pictures did not get so good.  But, this was the (same) workout I did this morning.  I think it was last week I said that I found this new workout, and it said to follow this for four weeks, so that is what I am doing,  I WILL do this until the end of September.

Lat Pull Downs   8×3  Max weight 70 lbs

Leg Press 8×3 Max weight 160 lbs

Chest Press 8×3 Max weight 55 lbs

Leg Curl 8×3 Max Weight 130 lbs

Shoulder Press 8×3 Max weight 10 lbs  ( I have REALLY week and bad shoulders)

Seated Row  8×3 Max weight 120 lbs

Leg Ext 8×3 max weight  130 lbs

Kettle Bell Abs  LOTS with 15 lbs

Ok these are the sucky pics I took

Share with me what you are doing for your work out.

I did not make any new food last night, nor today yet, but I am making chilean sea bass and black beans for dinner today,  I will attempt to 1. Remember to take pictures and 2. Take better pictures.

I JUST got my new Stitch Fix box today, how cool, have no clue what is in this box, but when I open it, I will be sure to take pictures and share tomorrow.  It might all be great, or it might all be old lady clothes!😰

On another note, can’t wait to get my new Four Athletics box, it has the new Paleomg gear in it.New_Paleo_Bra-1-6_grande I am sureties will make me MUCH stronger!

Go to

And check out all of the really great work out clothes they have.  Take a minute to read about their program, and then buy something,  (Help support this blog)  Be sure to enter code


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With the hubs on the road to recovery, I have been doing a lot of research on different HEALTHY food, HEALTHY recipes, and ways to prepare them.  Our kids have been instrumental in helping out here, but if any of you have any ideas, please send your HEALTHY recipes to

I may or may not use them, but at least it will give us a lot of new ideas to try!

He is slowly getting better, a little more every day!  He did say tomorrow he may actually try to walk to coffee, he would meet G and I there at the end of our walk.  I will have to wait and see how he feels in the morning.

He has lost a SUBSTANTIAL amount of weight already, but he knows he still has a long way too go.  I am here to support him every step of the way, and,it won’t hurt me loose a lb or 2!

My Mr. G is not a young dog, and has been a bit under the weather.  And moving just a little slower.  I had been giving him Glucosamine and Fish Oil, per the vets suggestion, and I didn’t realize it, but he seemed to be doing better.  But recently, not so hot!! One day last week, the light bulb clicked on when I realized I ran out and never ordered more.  So of course, good old Amazon, (who doesn’t use Amazon) and got him some Glucosamine Treats and more fish oil.  He is back on both for about 3 days now, and maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but I really think these are helping him.  Do any of you give your dogs either of these!  I would be curious to know.

Well kids, this is a bit shorter than I wanted, but I want to be able to keep checking things on my list, so that’s all I got today.  Your turn to share with me🤗

Please send me your comments and ideas to

And until tomorrow, remember stay hydrated, keep that smile on your face, be active, and come back tomorrow to see if I have improved my photography skills.

Take care  xoxoxo

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