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Wow for Epic Bar!!!

Wow for Epic Bar!!!

I have a lot of pictures to share today, and some really cool things. Not sure where to start.

But first I have to ask, does it seem really warm for mid September, or is it just me?  I rarely complain about the heat, but recently, it just seems it is wearing me out.  Maybe that is because I try to go 900 miles an hour every day.  Tomorrow, I am slowing down just a bit.

Speaking of tomorrow, we are meeting OD for coffee.  This will be really nice, she has not seen her father since he is out of the hospital and I think she will be surprised how great he is doing.

Ok, First, I had mentioned that I had contacted some new companies to see if I could become an affiliate, and offer you readers discount codes.  I have contacted several, but the only one I heard back from so far is Epic Bar.  Unfortunately, I cannot be an affiliate, they are at their max right now, but they did offer to send me a box of “samples’.  I got this yesterday and WOW, you should see all of the goodies they sent!  IMG_3274  The box was loaded with all kinds of jerky and bars.  I have never seen these bars they sent, so the hubs and I shared one, and they are really good.  He even commented that they were good.  They also included this bookIMG_3275  I have not looked at it good yet, but it appears to tell their story.  How cool is all this!  Thank You Epic!

I also got my new Stitch Fix box yesterday.  I am not overly impressed by this, I am only keeping two of the five items.  The three items I am returning are

IMG_3284.jpg  the Rosella Cold Shoulder Top, IMG_3282.jpg  The Caron Brushed Cardigan and IMG_3286 the Newman Circle Charm Layering Necklace.  I did not really like the first two pieces at all, and I do not need any more jewelry like this, I have more than enough.

I am keeping IMG_3280.jpg the Reviera Cable Knit Doman Pullover, and the Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean.  IMG_3279  This made a really nice casual outfit.  The jeans actually fit through the legs, the waist is a little large, but I can just wear a belt!

Do any of you get the stitch fix boxes?  For people like me, that hate to shop, it is a really great idea.

I did make a pretty good dinner last night, I thought I had taken pictures of the Chilean Sea Bass, but apparently not.  I made the Sea Bass and Black Beans and Rice, IMG_3289  I have never made Dry Black Beans before, so I was not completely sure how to do this, so I followed a recipe and they got pretty good.  The Sea Bass was great!

How many of you are watching “The Sinner”?  I think there is only one episode left for this Season, this is the second season.  It started off a little slow, or at least that is what I thought, but it is getting much better.  If you do watch this, send me an e-mail and tell me what you think

I am so looking forward to football this weekend.  I really think that our Nebraska Huskers have a great chance to win over Troy.  I haven’t heard yet if Martinez, the quarter back will play or not, I just hope he was not injured too bad.  If you watch college football, who is your team?

Then there is the Falcons that will play on Sunday.  They play the Carolina Panthers, so this is sure to be a great game.  I just hope the Falcons play like I know they can, and get a WIN!  We really need this!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  I like to know how other people spend their weekends.  Send me an e-mail, and if you want to share pictures that would be great!

But for now kids, I need to get a long list of things done.  It is one of those days that I am checking things off my list, and I want to go into the weekend, kind of caught up.

So, remember to send me your comments, or anything that you want, to

And always, no matter the weather outside, remember to hydrate, lets all take a drink now!, Be active, let’s all get up and do 10 push ups now. Be Happy, keep that smile on your face because tomorrow is a promise to no one.  And Dance like no one is watching!

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