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Back in my Zen Zone

Back in my Zen Zone

I never know quite how to start a blog post.  I always feel like I should start the post like a letter,  Dear Readers, but really, I don’t think we need to be that formal, do we?  Hey there sounds a little to casual and if I just jump into the post, well now, that’s not very friendly.  How about, for today, Happy Monday Everyone!

I have absolutely NO pictures to share today.  I did not make any new foods, (don’t misunderstand, we had some really good food) but nothing new.  I should have taken pictures of all of the food I prepped yesterday for the week.  I don’t remember our refrigerator ever being this full.  I either cleaned or cleaned and cut up all kinds of fruit, apples, melons, grapes, we got bananas, and all kinds of produce.  I think that I have shared this in the past, but at Costco on Friday, we bought a BIG tub of baby spinach.  This is about half the cost it is at a regular grocery store, it is organic, triple washed, tastes good and last all week, (if by chance we do not eat it all by then).  Since we have been eating more greens, this is really nice.  I also bought organic apples there.  Again, they are cheaper then they are at the store, and seem to last a little longer.  We have been going through a lot more fruits and vegetables, I have always eaten a lot, but the hubs has realized these taste good, and help to satisfy him.

I also made sea bass again yesterday.  This is really kind of expensive, but it is so good, and this is something the hubs really likes.

We also bought another whole duck this week.  This works so well to cook up, you have a nice dinner with it, and then you can get several good lunch salads from it as well, and duck has a lot of protein!

Ok, I shared all of my favorite foods, please share with me some of your food prep tips, send these to

The hubs went to the office today, for just a few hours.  When he is home, it is hard to clean, disinfect and sanitize like I like, so since he was gone this morning, I worked like a possessed woman.  I washed and disinfected all of the bedding, rugs, blankets and did a load of clothing.  I cleaned and sterilized the bathrooms, mopped, vacuumed and scrubbed the floors, cleaned the kitchen, and made sure everything was pickup up and put away.  Those who know me, know that I get very OCD about this stuff.  My home is now back in it’s Zen Zone!! I even brushed and vacuumed Mr. G.  Yes, I did say vacuum, he actually likes that.

I felt I needed to do this, because our condo is getting to the point that the shelves, closets and drawers need to be cleaned and organized again, so I thought if I try to do one or two a day, while keeping everything else organized and sterilized, it won’t be so bad.  I know that it seems I have been saying “sterilized” a lot, but that is what I am doing.  Since the hubs had the very bad cellulitis, and I have CVID, I have become extremely ANAL about keeping out the germs!

Which reminds me, I think the dose for my sub Q this morning maybe wasn’t so good.  I had a hard time getting it into the syringe, which I have never had, and it seemed kind of “syrupy”.  Of course, I did not think anything was wrong until I was done.  I have been very warm since the infusion, but I am chalking it up to trying to get a gazillion things done this morning.  If I still feel this way tomorrow, than I will be concerned.

I finally got my oil mister, for olive oil, and actually used it at lunch.  This is so cool!  I am sure most of you out there have one, but I am a bit behind the times on things like this.  And, today is the first time I ordered “supplies”, laundry soap, lysol sprays, basically lots of cleaning stuff from Amazon Prime.  Now, I use Amazon Prime ALL the time, but never thought to order these things.  I was out of a lot today, after all the cleaning I did, so I compared Amazon Prime prices to other prices, and everything I bought was either the same price or less, PLUS, they deliver to my door, and frankly, I was just to lazy to go out and get this stuff.  I will have everything by Wednesday.  How many of you use Amazon Prime?  Let me know.

I am so excited because the Atlanta Falcons WON their game yesterday over the Carolina Panthers.  This was a great game!!  Hubs needed to “rest his eyes” for most of the second half, but I could not miss a play!  Man, there was a lot of trash talking going on, and pushing and shoving, but we had a lot of rookies step and play great.  I hope they keep this up!

Well macaroons, since I was on a “sterilizing and disinfecting” mission most of the morning, I need to get back to ATW and get some of that work done.

I want you all to check back tomorrow, when I will share pictures of one the projects I am working with a new customer for ATW, (it involves food) I will share my thoughts on my new Paloemg Four Athletics active ware, I will talk about the “camper show” we went to over the weekend, and I will also talk about binging on Wentworth!

So, until tomorrow, send me your comments to:

Remember to keep that smile on your face product-images-1037-gallery-imgs-BC_No3BalancingFacialMask-SKU1037_Alt03

Because tomorrow is a promise to no one, Keep Active, lets all do one minute of running in place now🏃, and Hydrate, lets all take a big drink now!glass-of-water-how-drinking-8-glasses-of-water-every-day-could-kill-you-mirror-science-clipart

So until tomorrow


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