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My Life, one day at a time!

I’m just starting off today because it has been one of those days! But all is good! So here goes!

First, my Paleomg Four Athletics active wear.  I received this the other day, I tried it on but have not worn it yet.  I must be getting old, or maybe I just have one too many things on my mind, but I thought I ordered a different pattern.  what I received was Juli_Bauer_Round_3_Short_Carousel_Lifestyle-8_grande the Magic Eye, but I still like it because it has some kind of bird on it.  As soon as I do wear this, I will take pictures.  It looked a little small, like maybe I should have ordered the next size up, but it stretches, so I think it will be okay!  Did any of you order these, and if so, have you received them yet?  If you have not ordered any, why the hell not?  Go to

and enter the code tamiew15 at check out to get your 15% discount.

I think I may have posted about this some time ago, but I had read about, (I think  it was called ICING,) but it is where you end your shower with COLD water.  I did this for a minute, and than got out of the habit.  Well, I am trying this again, and maybe it is my overactive imagination, but I really feel it helps with recovery.  I can only do about 45 seconds, you have to work up to any amount of time, but my shoulders and back don’t seem to be as painful.  It could also be because I started to do a few more shoulder exercises, and that might be helping also.  The other thing about ending your shower on a COLD note, it really wakes you up.  Have you ever tried this?  If you have, let me know, send me a comment.

Binge Watching.  Season 7 of Wentworth is now on Netflix.  We had binged out last year on the first 6 seasons, and now, we only have 1 more episode of season 7 left.  I think this is one of the best seasons yet.  They have introduced quite a few new people, and it moves pretty fast.  The hubs wanted to watch the season finale last night but I said we had to save that for tonight.  I told him I wanted to keep him in suspense.  😝  Do any of you watch this, if yes, what is your opinion?  If not, what the hell are you waiting for!!  But, make sure you start way back at the beginning.

I want to share this new thing I am working on for one of my customers.  This company “makes” a special Truffle Salt, and they wanted special packaging for this.  I am making everything you see here, except the salt and the glass bottle.  IMG_3293.jpg I make the Black Caps, they will come with and with out holes, I make the spout, which is very size specific to the salt, I make the PVC Capsules, or the cover for the black cap  ( it is very similar to the cover on a wine bottle) I am making the cloth bags that the bottle and the caps are placed in, and I am also making, which is not shown, a tiny black bow tie that ties it all together. I think this is so cool.  This company takes so much pride in their work.  I can’t put their website on my blog YET, it is currently being updated but if you have questions about this, or want to order some, just send me a message and I will hook you up.  I haven’t tried the salt yet, but I assume it has to be great!

Going to Camper Shows is not a big priority on my list of things to do, but the hubs needed to get out of the house on Saturday, and this was something light and easy he could do.  And, we have actually talked about some day, maybe, buying an RV and traveling.  It would be a great way to see the country, plus, G could be very comfortable with us.  (Need to think of G)  Well, it was really kind of fun.  So many campers or RV’s, whatever you want to call them.  They come in any size and shape, from the smaller ones that you could easily pull behind a small pick up, to the VERY LARGE ones that you drive.  These probably have as much square footage as our condo!  We went in some, it is fun to see what they all offer.  These things have EVERYTHING in them, many even had fake fireplaces.  Some had lofts, all had pull outs for extra beds, everything you could possible want while “roughing” it!  Do any of you have one of these or do you camp?  I would love to hear from you.

Well kids, I am also trying to do some updating on my ATW website today.  I really suck at tech work, it is kind of like my photography!  I need to take some classes, or just pay to have someone do this for me.

So, for today, that is all I got!  Tomorrow, I am planning on sharing more from my workout, if I think to take pictures, what we make for dinner tonight, the season finale of Wentworth, and what ever else I can think of.

So, remember to send me your comments

And stay hydrated, me happy, be active, and Dance 💃🏼like no one is watching!

Take care all of you little kangaroos!


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