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Feeling My Zen Zone Today

Feeling My Zen Zone Today

Here I am again!  You just can’t get rid of me!

How is everyone doing today.  I am great, although, I do wish that it would be just a couple of degrees cooler out.  It is already the 19th of September, and the temperature is supposed to get to 93 today.  That is a little warm for summer.  But, I will take this over the cold anyday!

So has everyone worked out today?  I really pushed it today, I think I torched by arms.  I wanted to lift as MUCH as I could, so I increased the weight on everything I did today.  I also did what I think are called slow release, or, when I brought the weights down or in, I  made the release last five seconds.  I don’t really know if that makes a difference or not, but I thought that I would give it try.  So here is what I did and the weights I maxed out at:

Lat Pull Down  Max Weight 85 lbs

Leg Press Max Weight 160 lbs

Chest Press  Max Weight 60 lbs

Leg Curl  Max Weight 75 lbs

Shoulder Press Max Weight 12 lbs  (keep in mind my shoulders have been injured)

I have added

Shoulder Shrugs  Max Weight 30 lbs

Should Rolls Max Weight 30 lbs

Seated Row Max Weight 125 lbs

Leg Ext Max Weight 145 lbs

KB Abs Max Weight 25 lbs

For all of the above, I did 6 reps  3 sets

Ok, your turn to let me know what your work out was like today.  Send me your workout at

Ok, who is or was watching Wentworth?  We watched the season finale last night.  I won’t give any of the details away, for those of you who have not seen this yet, but let’s just say, this left a BIG twist at the end.  I hate when shows do this, now I have to wait until who knows when to get more of this.  I guess that is just the way it works, but it does tell me, this was a great series again.

Has anyone started watching the Mayans?  OD told me they are or will watch this.  I kind of forgot about this, this is a spin off from the Sons of Anarchy.  I am sure this will be good, but I don’t want the hubs watching too many shows that involve motorcycles, I am afraid it will be a long time, if ever, that he can get on his again and that just pisses him off.  No need to aggravate that!  But, if you are watching this, let me know what you think.

What else is everyone binging on?  Send me your list to

Who got brave and tried the “cold” shower today?  I am almost up to one minute.  Now, today I am a little tired, I did not sleep so well, plus the fact that I torched myself in my workout, but I seriously to think this helps!  Try it and let me know.  Just take a deep breath and turn that water to ICE!!!

Again, my photography skills suck, but I made a pretty good dinner last night.  IMG_3295 I sautéed  shrimp in olive oil IMG_3294 heated up Zucchini Zoodles  and served the Rao Sauce, that I added a few spices to IMG_3296 over it.  I am really learning to use a lot of fresh herbs and spices, and you can do so much!

Tonight I am making hanger steak, not sure what I am going to do with yet, but I am also making roasted cauliflower.  I will try to get better pictures tonight.

Which reminds me, because I am thinking of better pictures, has anyone ordered the new I phone yet?  Well, of course I did.  My phone is actually a 6, so I feel I can upgrade.  I, like a gazzilion other people out there, use my phone for everything.  And, I have my mind made up, that when  get the new one, I am going to take at least one class at Apple to learn how to use the camera, what it can all do, and maybe a class on just what the phone is all capable of!  I also would like to get a new laptop, but that might be in 2019.  Send me a message and tell me what type of laptops you have, do you like them, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

I have a question for you on teas.  I go through stages where I will drink a LOT of tea, along with a lot of coffee, but I always drink a lot of coffee.  Right now, I am back on my afternoon green tea kick and enjoying it.  I have also drank in the past, Rishi mushroom tea with ginger, that I really like, but I ran out and just never ordered more.  I would like to try Lions Mane Tea.  It is supposed to have a lot of health benefits, and I am reading about this, but I am also wondering if you have ever tried this?

I was also drinking a herbal tea in the evening, I feel it made me sleep better, but again, I ran out and just have not got any more.  So, my questions are

  1.  Have you ever tried Lions Mane Mushroom Tea
  2. Do you have recommendations for a good calming tea at night to help with sleep
  3. What are your other tea recommendations

Please send to me at

Well KIDZ, it is time to get back to my other work 😫 so send me e-mails or your comments to

And remember, Keep Hydrated, everyone take two big drinks now, be happy, keep a BIG smile on your face, Be Active, get up and run around your dest or the room right now!  And most important, check back tomorrow for more.


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