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Two steps behind all day

Two steps behind all day

I am running behind on my post today.  Actually, I think that I have been two steps behind all day, it has jut been one of those days!  Good Busy!

Man, it is still hot.  I was talking with one of my customers in New Hampshire, and he was telling me how, Oh Yea!  the high today is 65.  Not that I want cold weather, but just about 5 degrees cooler would be nice.  How about you?

I changed up my route on mine and G’s walk today, and under calculated the mileage, so I ended up walking a little less than I wanted, but that just meant I could sit for coffee with the hubs a couple of minutes longer!

When I went to workout, I decided I had limited time, so I PUSHED my workout and feel like I really got a great work out in.  Do you ever do that?  It seemed that since I knew I only had so much time, I worked three times as hard!!!!🏋🏽

Funny thing, I made notes about what I was going to blog about today, but I can’t read my writing!  Need to clean that up!

I did want to update everyone on my RA.  I think the last that I talked about this, I mentioned I was trying to wean myself off some of the medications(this is under the watchful eye of my rheumatologist).   I was just about off entirely when the hubs went into the hospital.  I think, (and I hate to use the word stress)  but after two weeks, it was too much stress and I was in pretty much pain.  So, I upped the dosage of the two that I was trying to eliminate, (plus, I was not eating good while all of this was going on) and got back to eating good, and I am feeling better again.  Next week, I am going to start to decrease these two meds again.  My goal is to get off all of the RA meds, except the Enbrel.  That is a life time commitment!

As for my CVID, I will NEVER get off these weekly infusions, just something that I need to deal with, but really, this is not a big deal anymore.  I have the entire process down so that it only takes about one hour.  I also have changed to Monday, vs, Thursday, and don’t ask me why, it just seems better.  Silly, I know.  I also take a daily probiotic, which is supposed to help with gut health and your immune system.  Which reminds me, I did a lot of reading on the Lions Mane Mushroom Tea, and this has a lot of very healthy benefits, including to help decrease inflammation, and improve your immune system, so, I think I am going to give this a try.  Did any of you read about this, or have any of you tried this tea, or the mushrooms?  Let me know, send me a comment.

Update on the hubs.  He is really doing well!  He is increasing his walking a little everyday, he is doing great on his eating, has a plan in mind and so far, he is really sticking to it.  Next week he has follow ups with the Infectious Disease Dr, and I am sure this will be the last visit there.  His leg is back to normal size, and normal color YAY!!!  He also has a follow up with the Cardiologist team.  This I am not sure how this will go, I think they will do an echo on him, and may increase one of the heart healing meds.  This is all good stuff.

The following week, he has the second stent put in, and then, hopefully, it is all down hill from there!  Meaning it is just time after that!  Wish him luck!

Okay, AGAIN, I forgot to take pictures last night, but I made an awesome meal of roasted cauliflower and simmered hanger steak.  Some how, I got both of these cooked just right, and so much flavor.

Today I put this duckIMG_3298  in a pot this morning with rosemary, bay leaves, red pepper flakes, ginger, black pepper and a few peppers.  When this is done, I will pick all the meat off the bone.  This is actually for our lunch salads for several days.

Then, I took out ground turkey which I am going to brown and add some herbs to, and I have a cauliflower crust pizza, and we will make pizza for dinner tonight, along with a side salad.

Bonus today.  We had to go to Target to pick up drugs for the hubs.  Of course, we needed just a few things.  As we were checking out, this Target employee comes up to us and hands us each a reusable Target bag. He says we are giving these out today, and both were filled with all of this stuffIMG_3299  Talk about Jack Pot!  There was the body wash, cleansing towelettes, natural soap, body butter, and those fruit things that neither of us will eat so I got rid of those.  How cool was that?

Well gang, since I am a little behind today, I think I need to cut this a little short today.  Plus, I need to try to take a deep breath and get my ZEN on.

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and remember, STAY HYDRATED, take two big drinks now, BE HAPPY, keep that smile on your face and take the time to laugh, BE ACTIVE, get up in the middle of that meeting and do some stretches!  And come back tomorrow for more!

xoxoxo to you ALL!

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