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Here are Friday, finally!  I am not sure why, but this has been a long, but very productive, week!  Really looking forward to the weekend.

I want to share my horoscope for today, I thought this was very interesting and appropriate:

As the Autumn months begin tomorrow, it’s a time to reap what’s been sown. Libra is about taking the initiative via balance and teamwork, both of which are imperative to your happiness and success this time of year. Focus on improving the relationships that are most important to you. Celebrate your blessings and accomplishments. And find a way to include everyone in the celebration.

And if you’re looking for more ways to reach optimal success and happiness this season, your discounted copy of the Chakra Tarot has a bounty of wisdom. Feeling unbalanced is a sign that your personal chakras could be out of alignment, which is counterproductive to being your best self. Your Chakra Tarot Reading shows what your spiritual energies are up to and how you can better align them to find happiness and success. And that’s definitely something to celebrate!

This really seems to fit me today!  I have many things to celebrate and be thankful for. How many of you read your daily horoscope?  I think one day, I want to have my Tarot Cards read!  I am really working on my relaxation, taking things just a little slower, and stopping to smell the roses 🌹 more!! Basically, getting my ZEN on!

The day is starting off good.  Mr G and I got a good walk in, picked up the pace, even though the humidity was 92%!  What is with this weather!  It is September21, and the temperature is supposed to be 95 today!  But again, I will take this over the cold ANYDAY!!!

I wore my new Paleomg Four Athletic wear today, and, just like the rest of this I have, I swear this makes me faster and stronger!  I really like this new style, the shorts are a little longer then most of the shorts I have, but I did notice, and I am sure the is because I am short, the waist seems a little too high??? I guess I can just roll it down some, but other wise, these are very comfortable.  I took a few pics in the gym, but again, I really need help on my photo skills!

So next week is the last week for the work out that I am currently doing.  I  am going to TRY to increase the weight for each exercise by at least 5 lbs.  I feel CONFIDENT that I can do that.  After next week though, I will need a new work out.  I would really appreciate any input any of you want to share, just send to:

I have not been sleeping so good recently, so since I am an affiliate of Organifi, I did some reading on their website, and their Gold Juice has many benefits, including supposedly to help with sleep.  I just ordered their Gold Juice, and below are what they claim are all of the benefits:


  • Soothe yourself.


    • Aches can be a real pain. Inflammation-fighting medicinal herbs can cut them out of your life!  Enjoy renewed mobility and the freedom of feeling great.

  • Slash your sick days in half.


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    • Detox your body with deep sleep-enhancing phytonutrients, slicing 20 years off the way you feel in the morning!

  • Improve brain function.


    • Nootropic superfoods take your mental clarity and sharpness to heightened levels.

  • Equip your body.


    • Superfood herbs, roots, and adaptogens help fix digestive problems, stop weight gain, strengthen bones, and even lessen your risk of heart disease!


A Gold Mine.

9 ingredients in one container to save you time, money, and headaches (literally!).


Organic gently-dried leaves, roots, and superfoods are blended with tasty,

Organic  low-sugar fruits  to help you achieve all of the benefits above.  Easy to remember and delicious to drink!


Includes 3 Of Nature’s Most Powerful Pain-Soothing Organics:

  • Turmeric This ancient medicinal root has been used for over 4,000 years to fight inflammation. Our unique recipe contains a dose that is 4 times more powerful!

  • Ginger – Revered as the #1 alternative medicinal plant all over the world, this superfood aids in healthy digestion, soothing aches, and warding off colds and the flu.

  • Reishi Mushroom – The “King of Mushrooms” has been said to be the secret to youth and longevity. It has also been used as a natural form of muscle relaxation and analgesic!



With 1 Sleep-Enhancing Herb:


  • Lemon Balm Magnesium – Known as “The Calming Herb”, this fragrant ingredient aids in relaxation.



And the Greatest Discovery for Immunity in History:


  • Turkey Tail – Not an actual tail, but a mushroom that resembles one! It has been called a “cure-all” because of its medicinal effects on immunity.



Finished with 4 “tricks” to make this Gold elixir 2000% stronger:


  • Black Pepper Piperine – Phytochemical piperine prevents enzymes from breaking down medicinal herbs, allowing your body to absorb them at maximum potency!

  • Acacia Fiber Prebiotic – An organic tree sap, this is “food” for the bacteria in your gut, ensuring proper digestion and absorbability of all ingredients!

  • Coconut Milk – As a (good) saturated fat, coconut milk allows vitamins to latch on, instead of passing through the body.

  • Cinnamon – Shown to lower blood sugar, this spice allows your body to absorb nutrients that are blocked when blood sugar is high.


Ok, this is a lot of stuff it is supposed to do, but if it just helps with sleep, I will be happy,  I read that if you mix this with warm Almond/Coconut Milk, it works GREAT for sleep.  Once I receive this and try it, I will let you know.  I am really anxious to get this!

I have tried other products of theirs in the past and have been happy with everything I have tried.  Go the their website

And check out everything they have.

And remember, as a reader of my blog, you can get 15% off your entire order.  All you have to do is enter TAMIE15 at time of check out.

I am getting much better at this cooking thing.  Yesterday I mentioned I had taken ground turkey out for dinner.  I ended up making a pizza for dinner out of this last night.  IMG_3300  The crust was a cauliflower crust from Whole Foods, I used the RAO Cheese sauce that I added just a “few”  spices too, and the ground turkey.  The hubs loved this, and it was very healthy.  I was surprised at how good the crust was.  This is on the do again list.  I also made steamed asparagus with this, which also was GREAT!!!!  Now, if I can just get my photography skills down!

Well macaronis, it is that time of day that I need to get back to work.  What is everyone doing over the weekend?  Who has BIG plans?  Our big plan is to watch football, which I am okay with.  I am on my third cup of coffee for the day and just can’t seem to get it in high gear today,  I need a day of rest, especially if I want to max out my lifts next week!

Everyone, let me know what your big plans are for the weekend.  Share your favorite healthy low carb recipes with me.  Send me your favorite workouts.  Ask me questions and tell me what topics you would like to read about.  One that I will be blogging about is the upcoming National Holiday in China.  And, do any of you know anything about Lions Mane Mushrooms?

Send me your comments and questions to:


And until next week,

Let’s ALL take two big drinks, it is 90 degrees out

Be Active, everyone get up and do a quick DANCE!!!!

Be Happy, everyone send me your best joke!

And Live Like There is no Tomorrow.

Until next week xoxoxo


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