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Well Hello all of you hooligans! How was everyone’s weekend?  Hopefully, GREAT!  Ours was quiet, football sucked, but got some good walks in and relaxing coffees with the hubs.  That is becoming an important part of our lives, the relaxing part.

I don’t have a lot of pictures to share today, but I do have some really unusual ones.  Saturday we went to our favorite Chinese Restaurants to pick up some pork, just to have. While the hubs was ordering, I took these pictures of some the things they had hanging in the windows.  IMG_3307.jpgIMG_3306.jpg Do you know what these are?  I had to ask.  The top one is a duck, just cut differently, and the bottom one is a squid.  I would love to try this some time.  Have any of you ever had squid like this?

Ok, football this weekend SUCKED, but of course, we did still watch.  Our poor Nebraska Huskers.  That was so hard to watch!  I am not giving up yet, this is a new coach, his program, and a lot of really young players.  They WILL win one of these next games, right OD?  Don’t give up yet.

Now, on the other hand, the Atlanta Falcons.  Ok, this was a good game, but they basically gave it away.  They had multiple opportunities to win, but no!!  If they hope to play in the Super Bowl this year, in their OWN Dome, they better pull their heads out and start to be serious!

Yesterday morning, this is what I woke up to:

Not sure what this is?  My kitchen sink caved in.  The glue let go and the whole sink just fell!!  What the F___!  So, I started calling plumbers to see if I could get somebody out first thing Monday AM.  Well, plumbers do not do this!!!  How am I supposed to know that.  I ended getting in touch with a cabinet repair guy.  He came out this morning and it only took about 1 and half hours.  I thought this would be a several hour job.  And luckily, none of the plumbing was damaged, so everything is back to normal, for now.  I don’t have to wash the dishes in the bath tub tonight!

This is the last week of the workout that I committed to do one month.  So, I decided this last week I would try, I think the correct word is Hypertrophy.  What I am doing is maxing my weight/lift, but only doing 4-5 reps, and 2 sets.  I do the exercise VERY slowly, and hold for a 4 count in the down side.  I did this today, and trust me, you can feel it.  I will let you know at the end of the week how I feel.

I am still looking for a new workout after this.  If you have work outs or plans, please send to me at

I am going to try a couple of new products that I have done a lot of research on.  This one I have already shared.

I have not been sleeping so good recently, and I am an affiliate of Organifi,   I ordered their Gold Juice, and below are what they claim are all of the benefits:


Soothe yourself.


    • Aches can be a real pain. Inflammation-fighting medicinal herbs can cut them out of your life!  Enjoy renewed mobility and the freedom of feeling great.
  • Slash your sick days in half.


    • Immunity-boosting antioxidants improve cell function and help ward off productivity-draining colds, even the flu!
  • Wake up feeling good as gold.


    • Detox your body with deep sleep-enhancing phytonutrients, slicing 20 years off the way you feel in the morning!
  • Improve brain function.


    • Nootropic superfoods take your mental clarity and sharpness to heightened levels.
  • Equip your body.


    • Superfood herbs, roots, and adaptogens help fix digestive problems, stop weight gain, strengthen bones, and even lessen your risk of heart disease!


A Gold Mine.

9 ingredients in one container to save you time, money, and headaches (literally!).


Organic gently-dried leaves, roots, and superfoods are blended with tasty,

Organic  low-sugar fruits  to help you achieve all of the benefits above.  Easy to remember and delicious to drink!


Includes 3 Of Nature’s Most Powerful Pain-Soothing Organics:

  • Turmeric This ancient medicinal root has been used for over 4,000 years to fight inflammation. Our unique recipe contains a dose that is 4 times more powerful!
  • Ginger – Revered as the #1 alternative medicinal plant all over the world, this superfood aids in healthy digestion, soothing aches, and warding off colds and the flu.
  • Reishi Mushroom – The “King of Mushrooms” has been said to be the secret to youth and longevity. It has also been used as a natural form of muscle relaxation and analgesic!



With 1 Sleep-Enhancing Herb:


  • Lemon Balm Magnesium – Known as “The Calming Herb”, this fragrant ingredient aids in relaxation.



And the Greatest Discovery for Immunity in History:


  • Turkey Tail – Not an actual tail, but a mushroom that resembles one! It has been called a “cure-all” because of its medicinal effects on immunity.

Finished with 4 “tricks” to make this Gold elixir 2000% stronger:


  • Black Pepper Piperine – Phytochemical piperine prevents enzymes from breaking down medicinal herbs, allowing your body to absorb them at maximum potency!
  • Acacia Fiber Prebiotic – An organic tree sap, this is “food” for the bacteria in your gut, ensuring proper digestion and absorbability of all ingredients!
  • Coconut Milk – As a (good) saturated fat, coconut milk allows vitamins to latch on, instead of passing through the body.
  • Cinnamon – Shown to lower blood sugar, this spice allows your body to absorb nutrients that are blocked when blood sugar is high.


I should get this today and can’t wait to try this, since my sleep has been SUCKY the last couple of nights.  When I don’t sleep, EVERYTHING on my body hurts, even my boobs.

Go the their website

And check out everything they have.

And remember, as a reader of my blog, you can get 15% off your entire order.  All you have to do is enter TAMIE15 at time of check out.

The other new thing I have just ordered, (I am trying to become an affiliate, if I do, I will share all details) is Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee.  You all know that I have been talking about Lions Mane Mushroom for some time, and after a lot of research, I have found out this has a LOT of healthy benefits to it.  And, since I needed to order coffee anyway, I thought I would give this a try.  This is not necessarily cheap, but if it works like they say it does, it will be well worth it, plus, I love COFFEE.!!!!!  Who doesn’t love coffee.  Do you have a favorite label of coffee, or favorite coffee drink?  Share with me at

I just got my new Fab, Fit fun box today, but have not even opened it yet.  I will do that later today or tomorrow, and take pictures, and share with you.

But for now kittles, I need to get back to things, just got to go, so come back tomorrow.  I will share the contents of my Fab, Fit Fun box, post some more on Four Athletics, if I do get my Organifi today, how I like that, and anything else you want me to blog on.  So, send me your comments to

and check back tomorrow for more!


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