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Yes, we have made it to Friday!!!!  YAY!!!  Not sure what the weather is like where you are, but it is a dreary cloudy day out!  But, luckily, we did all get our walk in this morning and we got a short walk in at lunch.  This is important to me, because this is good for the hubs!  And G needs his walks too!

I said yesterday I was going to finish posting the companies whose products I use, and the links or discount codes for you readers.

Another company is Vital Choice.  Vital Choice is a trusted source for fast home delivery of the world’s finest wild seafood and organic fare, harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and farms. Their salmon Sockeye6oz_218is the best and so fresh.  If you have not checked out their website, please go to

check out their products, and place an order.  Help support this blog.

Another company I just started working with is Nutrition Genome.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods affect our genes, and how genetic differences affect the way we respond to food.

The genome is the complete set of DNA, and where you find the instructions to build health. The DNA remains fixed for life, but the epigenome remains flexible.

Nutrition has an “epigenetic” effect on our DNA. In other words, nutrition is one of the major ways we can change the destiny of our genetic healthy history and reverse disease statistics.

The reason that one diet cannot suit all of us and that population studies are continually contradictory with dietary advice is because we are all different. Genetics and biochemistry help us discover how we are different, and what we can do to potentially overcome disease susceptibilities through the understanding of epigenetics by applying it to our diet, lifestyle, and your environment.

Nutrition Genome offers the most comprehensive
analysis on the market, covering 85+ clinically
relevant genes across all of the major biochemical

I just started very recently working with them and I have not even received my test kit, but they offer 8 different DNA test kits that test a wide variety of issues.


Learn your body’s metabolism for protein, fat, carbohydrates, and higher needs for vitamins, minerals and compounds to discover your optimal ancestral diet.  


Learn which genetic pathways may be leading to fatigue and how to target these genes to boost daily energy levels.


Understanding gene function can help you balance hormones and create an efficient detoxification system.


Assess folate, B12, B6, choline, prebiotic, vitamin A, D and omega-3 requirements for a healthy pregnancy and child.


Determine serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, GABA and glutamate gene function to understand your mental and neurological health.


 Receive an analysis on your glutathione genes and other antioxidant genes to understand how to decrease your individual triggers of inflammation and increase the probability of longevity.


Review your genes for DNA damage, protection, and repair to find the “chinks” in your armor so you can be proactive for healthy DNA.


Learn about the genes involved in caffeine metabolism, blood clots, triglycerides, stress, muscle recovery, injury prevention, VO2 max, required plant-intake for heart health and more. 

go the link below

and check out all of these test.  If you have questions on this, please contact me at

and I can send you the discount link.  Again, help support this blog.

Another company I work with is Aaptiva.  I don’t use this as much as I should, and I will start very soon!  This is a app for all kinds of work out programs.  Anything from Yoga to Running to Weight Lifting.  You can check this all out at the link below

I think that is all of the companies that I work with at this time.

Don’t forget about the ones I have already given you.


Beauty Counter

Four Athletics

The above are the ones that I use the most.  If you have questions on any of these, please let me know.  Send me an e-mail to

Today was the last day of the workout that I have been doing for one month.  I have tried to increase my weight on each exercise, I have listed below my max weight for each:

Lat Pull Down 85 lb Max

Leg Press 160 lb Max

Chest Press  65 lb Max

Leg Curl  75 lb Max

Seated Row  120 lb Max

Should Press 12 lb Max

Shoulder Shrug  30 lb Max

Shoulder Row  30 lb Max

Leg Ext 145 lb Max

Farmers Walk  45 lb Max

Overhead Kettle Bell Walk  20 lb Max

I do think that I made some progress on this, and feel pretty good about it.  I do want to address my weight, briefly.  While the hubs was in the hospital, I did lose some weight, which I needed to do.  Since he has been home, I have pretty much plateaued, I think maybe this is where I need to be.  I am okay with my current weight.  Regarding my macros, I have been really consistent in reaching all three macros in the 30% each day, and have been getting 100+ grams of protein today.  So, I think my diet is kind of on track, and, I am feeling pretty good.

Now, for my next month work out.  I am going to concentrate more on upper body, especially bi’s and tri’s.  I am going to put together my Monday work out later today.  On Monday, I will share this new workout with you all.

What does everyone have planned for the weekend?  Tomorrow, no plans, errands, and than, OH, I almost forgot, our masseuse will be here to give us each our massages.  We have not had this for over two months, and my skin is in bad need of this.  So looking forward to this.

Sunday, we are planning to drive to the apple orchards in the north Georgia mountains.  We are planning this now, but it all depends on how the hubs feel.

Ok, I am backing up to my massage.  Sometimes, and I am going through that right now.  I get into a real Zen Zone feeling, relaxed, just want to sit back and enjoy life a little more.    This leads me to the conversation that I love candles, hubs does not.  But, he does like Chakra candles.  (go figure)  He likes the way these smell.  I used to always have these in the house, but had not bought any for a long time.  Well, I ordered several today, and wished I had thought of this earlier so I could have them for my massage tomorrow, but they should be here Monday.  When I do get them, I will take some pictures so you know what I am talking about!

Well there gang, as always, Got To Go and get things done! So, let me know what your weekend plans are, what you want me to blog on, or just anything you feel like.

And, until Monday, Remember to Hydrate, Remember to Get up and Move, Remember to Be Happy and Keep that Smile on Your Face, and Dance Like no one is Watching, Tomorrow is a Promise to no one.


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