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Oops!  I did not do a blog post yesterday!  Did you miss me?

I had every intention of doing a post yesterday, and this might sound like an excuse, but the hubs had his second stent put in and the wench like PA thought he should spend the night.  Oh No he isn’t, not when the cardiologist who did the surgery said he could go home in about 2 hours!  I will certainly believe the Dr over the PA!  So, I had to tell her to either call the Dr., I would, or, she could just release him!  (Man, that was kind of ballsy of me, BUT!!)  So, he had his surgery about 9:30, (they were running about 1 1/2 hours behind due to an emergency) and we got home a little before 4, so not quite the 2 hour recovery, but we got him home.  Just an FYI, he did great, even the cardiologist was impressed with how well he is doing and has done!  So, hopefully, we are done with hospitals for EVER!  Man, I told OD today all you see in the hospital is old people who can’t walk, can’t here, are stubborn!   I will NEVER get that old, EVER!!!!!

Speaking of old, I took a good look at my face the other day, and MAN to many years in the sun without good sun protection have taken a toll on my face.  I told hubs I seriously need to do something with my face, that does NOT involve knives or needles.  I know that I have been promoting Beauty Counter, and some of their products I really like, BUT, I need something much more aggressive for this face.  So, I am asking you readers, male and female, do you have any GOOD recommendations for wrinkle and fine line repair!  I have been doing a LOT of research, and first off, I need to start using a good sunscreen again ALL OVER.  Checked that off the list today, got some more!!! Then I really need help with my face.  I have ordered from Organifi, their Red Juice,  that is supposed Fight back against the effects of aging and help improve overall skin quality.  Ok now, I don’t know if this is going to do the trick, I do know it make it any worse, NO!  I should have this tomorrow, Wednesday, so I will try the entire container before I make any conclusion.  Remember everyone, go to

take a look around, see what you think, and if want to order, be sure to enter TAMIE15 at the check out to get your 15% off.

I am currently using the Gold Juice and they have made a believer out of me.  I take one scoop about 45 minutes prior to bed, in some heated Unsweetened Almond Milk, and I have been sleeping much better, and I wake up with a lot less stiffness. I also feel much more refreshed.  I think it is the ginger and turmeric, along with the heated milk, but whatever it is, I THINK it works, therefore, it does work!

I have also been doing reading on nicotinamide ribosome.  This is something new that is supposed to help with cell rejuvenation and help promote longevity.  I am still learning about this, so I am not sure about this yet, but at this point, I want to keep ALL options and ideas open.  Again, if you have any suggestions, or things that you have tried, please send to me

and I just might give it a try.

I do use collagen everyday, and I know this helps with my hair and nails, but I do not see any difference in my skin, that is why I am getting so desperate.

Yesterday I did start a new upper body workout, but I just can’t get into it, I am not enjoying this, therefore, if I am not enjoying it I am not going to put my heart and soul into it.  I actually found this on Pinterest, it is amazing what you can find on Pinterest, but I need to do more looking.  Do you have any suggestions?  If so, please send to me.

I did manage to get an okay work out in yesterday, and today, G and I got a good walk in and then I did get a really good work out in, but, I did not enjoy the workout.  For the next month, I want to concentrate on bi’s, tri”s, and core, so, if you have any suggestions for this, please send to me.

Did you have a good weekend?  We did.  We did get to have our massages, but, I really hate to admit this, it just wasn’t as relaxing as usual.  I do not know why.  It felt good, but in all honesty, I think the pressure was a little TOO much, I was actually stiff the next day!  I really need to just speak up, but our masseus speaks little English, so for me, it is hard to communicate with her.  But, the hydration on my skin felt great!

Sunday we did go to the apple orchards, even thought at 85 degrees, it really did not feel a lot like fall or pumpkin patches or apple orchards.  But it was a nice drive, very relaxing, and yes, the hubs did get ONE fried apple pie.  ( I can’t deny hime of EVERYTHING)  And since we were driving, I could buy apples to bring home.  I bought the smallest bag of an apple I never saw, September Winter, and now, I wished I would have bought more, they are really good, crisp, tasty, juicy, all the qualities you want in an apple.  I did not take any pictures because it was cloudy and actually very gloomy out, but again, the drive was nice and gave us a chance to do some deep talking.

Well kidlets, it is that time that I need to get back to other things.  ( Since the hubs went to the office for a couple of hours today, I have been on a cleaning, disinfecting, sterilization mission today)  I have said this before, I am very OCD about things, and I feel SO much better when things are clean and organized.  Since the Chinese have their National Holiday this week, I want to try to get through some drawers, cupboards and closets to really clean out and get rid of stuff I don’t need.  If I can get that done, I will really feel GREAT!

OK, now, go to go!  Got to get busy!  So, leave me comments,

And until tomorrow, remember to hydrate,  EVERYBODY take one big drink nowglass-of-water-how-drinking-8-glasses-of-water-every-day-could-kill-you-mirror-science-clipart

Be happy, keep that smile on your face

woman with blue lips

And keep active, every one do one minute of running in place now!

photo of woman wearing pair of black nike running shoes

Until tomorrow,


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