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Here I am again!  Man, it was gorgeous out jalking this am.  Sitting for coffee was a real treat, nice and comfortable, and since we had a few minute earlier start, no rush.

I got a few suggestions for new workouts, Thank You to those of you that have sent workouts in.  I started on a new workout today, this is all upper body, and below is what I did today:

Lying Tri Press with Dumb Bells 3 sets of 6 reps

Tri Dips 3 sets of 10

Rope Tri Push Down   3 sets of 6 reps

Dumb Bell Curl  3 sets of 6 reps

Standing Bi Curl with Bar  3 sets of 6 reps

Alternate Dumb Bell Curl   3 sets of 6 reps

Rope Abs   3 sets of 6 reps

Farmers Walk  3 laps

Over head Kettle Bell Walk

and lots of Running in Place and Jumping Jacks

On Friday I will post the max weight I achieved this week.

I thought that I would do this for one month, or until the end of October, but I feel it will be a good idea to mix in one or two leg days a week as well.  So, tomorrow, I will do legs, than Friday, the above workout again.

You know, I received a Stitch Fix Box just a week or two ago, and I received another today.  Not sure why, but I just tried everything on, I will post pics tomorrow, and I like most of it, but I sent a message to Stitch Fix to see why they sent me this box?    Once I get their reply, I will decide how much, if any I will keep.

I know that I have posted about this more than once already, but I am enjoying the sleep benefits of this so much, I  wanted to share again.  feature3

I just received my Pumpkin Spice Flavor today, and can’t wait to try this tonight.  I sleep much more sound, it is a restful sleep, and again, I wake up with much less stiffness and aches and pains.  I have been mixing one scoop in heated unsweetened Almond/Coconut Milk, and within about 15 minutes, I am ready for a good nights sleep.  Go to

and read all about it.  If you do place an order, and why wouldn’t you???  Be sure to enter code TAMIE15 for your 15% discount.

I also received the Red-Front_ce281da1-5bc7-4e8f-b96e-e0fcd3b0c365_1024x1024

Red Juice today, and I will try that in the morning, in my water bottles that I walk with.  I will let you know tomorrow the taste, and any effect it has on me.

My afternoon go to is fast becomingIMG_3322  This has such a great flavor, (no mushroom taste what so ever) and it gives you just enough of a boost to fly through the afternoon, my hardest time of day.  This is from Four Sigmatic.  They have an entire line of Mushroom coffee, elixirs and even Hot Cocoa, (which I might need to try, if the weather ever cools off here).  I don’t have a discount code for them, but go to the website

and check their site out.  When you decide to place your order, send me an e-mail

and I can send you a link for a discount.  You really need to check both of these companies out.

Something I want to try, but have not yet done, is getting testing done by Everlywell.  They have several different tests to choose from:

I think that I would like to try the Thyroid test, simply because it would tell you about your energy levels, weight and daily wellness.  Have any of you had any of these tests?  You can go to the website
and check out all of the information for yourself.  When you go to check out, enter the code EVERLYWELL and you will get a 12% discount.  Let me know what you think of these tests.   Each kit’s contents are tailored to your test, and comes with everything you need to collect and send your sample.  Easy Peasy!
I got my new i Phone today, opened up the box, but that is as far as I got.  It is one of those days, I did not have much to do, or so I thought, and I have been going like a looney tune all day.  I started this post at 10:30 this morning, thinking that I would have lots of time to work on it, and it is now 3:00.  Where the hell did this day go!
I also asked for suggestions on how to rid my face of years of fine lines and wrinkles.  I got a few good suggestions, and I actually went out and got, (other then the sun screen that I have been slathering on all over) I got Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Reducer with Sunscreen.  It STATES, noticeable results in one week.  This face will be a REAL test, and if I don’t see results in one week, will they refund my money?????
Another suggestion I received was to take two servings of NutraRev per day.  I have done some online searching for this, and I have found it, but every where I find it, it says it has been discontinued.  Do any of you know what this is, or have you used it?  It states this is alpha lipoic acid is one of the most powerful anti-aging, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories available.  I guess I need to do more research on this.
The dinner I made last night was OK, just ok.  It was pork tenders and roasted cauliflower.  I tried a new recipe for the cauliflower, and not the best I ever made.  But, I think tonight will be MUCH better. I am making shrimp,  roasted walnut and raspberry salad over a bed a spinach.  Now really, how bad can that be?  If I get ambitious, I will arrange a nice plate of this and take a picture for tomorrows blog.
Well gang, as always, time to get back to it.  I need to do some DEEP ASS cleaning, since the Chinese are on holiday, I decided to get my ass in gear and get rid of SHIT!!!!! Clutter that makes me nuts.  So, until tomorrow, leave me a comment

And remember to stay hydrated, get up and move, keep that smile on your face, because, TOMORROW IS A PROMISE TO NO ONE!


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