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Here we are again!  Do you keep track of your passwords?  Well, I thought I did but I found out not so much.  I got my new phone yesterday, which I told you, and decided yesterday afternoon to set this up, or attempt to set this up.  Easy Peasy RIGHT?  Well, to set up the phone was a breeze, but for some reason, it would not sync my watch.  Finally got that to set up, then, had to go in and reenter all of the PW on my apps.  (I am sure there is a better way to do this, I just don’t know what it is )  I didn’t do that last night, because some I had to redo because of course, I didn’t have the current ones, so needless to say, KEEP TRACK OF PASSWORDS!😫

I mentioned I got the new Stitch Fix box yesterday, and still not sure why I got that, but I did try everything on, not sure how much I want to keep, so I have not taken any pictures.  It fits better than the items in the last box,  but just not sure if I need that much clothes.  (My normal wardrobe is athletic wear 95% of the time)  Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have a few options!!!

Speaking of athletic wear.  Did you see the new Paloemg Four Athletics line is out?  I have not looked at this closely yet, but I am sure that I will be ordering some of this.  If you haven’t been to the Four Athletic site yet, you need to get your BUTT to

and check out all of their great clothing.  Once you decide you are going to place an order, enter the code tamie15 to get your discount.  You really need some new work out clothes, right?  And this work out wear makes you work harder!! And very STRONG💪🏼

I did get my Organifi Red Juice Yesterday as well as the Pumpkin Spice Gold Juice.  First, I tried the Pumpkin Spice Gold Juice last night, and this is amazing.  It does not have a real strong pumpkin spice taste, like I thought it would, just the perfect taste.  I heated my unsweetened almond/coconut milk, added the gold powder and just a little nutmeg, and mixed this up good.  This was so good and I slept like a baby last night😴.  This morning, I tried the Red Juice.  I made this up last night ion my water bottles, then put in the fridge.  My mistake was, my water bottles are bigger then I thought, so it was a little weak, but it does have a good flavor.  I thought it would have a strong beet taste, but it doesn’t.  I can’t say for certain if it had any effect on my energy, let’s give it a couple of more days.

This is another site, if you have not checked out all of their product, hustle on over to

and check out all of their GREAT products.  When you place your order, remember to enter the code TAMIE15 for your discount.  Let me know what you think of this stuff!  So far, I am really loving it.  I might need to try the green juice as well.

I haven’t read my horoscope for a couple of days,  (just too much going on) but I took the time to read it today:

It’s all about imagination! Revert back to your childhood days of making up the world around you — because imagining something in a new form is the first step toward making real improvements. Exercise creativity in everything you do and put a new twist on how you dress, communicate or spend your money. Folks around you might not know what to make of you at first, but they will certainly be delighted by your unique take on life. Your ideas may inspire a similar change in others.

I thought this was kind of appropriate, since I was just talking about the Stitch Fix box and how this is not the type of clothes I usually wear.  Guess it is time for a change.

The Shrimp Salad I made last night was GREAT.  But, because I had this HUGE headache from working on my watch and phone, I did not take any pictures, but even hubs commented how good this was!  Do you know that shrimp🦂 is one of those foods that does not have a lot of calories but  lot of protein??  Bonus!

I took Pork Back Ribs out for dinner tonight, simple!  A little salt and pepper and through them in the oven.  I haven’t made ribs for awhile, so this will be good.  Not sure what the side will be, depends on what I feel like later!  BUT, I will try to take pictures tonight.

You all know that when hubs walks with us in the morning, we stop and have coffee at the end of our walk.  Yesterday, this woman walked by and the perfume she had on smelled so good.  Hubs said when she came back out, he was going to ask her what it was.  She did not remember, but because we are there every day, and so is she, she said she would take a picture and have it today.  So, IMG_0001.jpghere it is. She said you can get is at Sephora, so of course, I am going to have to look for this.  Have any of you ever seen or had this?  It is a very light scent.  Once I find it, I will let you know if it smells that good on me!  What is your favorite scent to wear?

Well, it is that time again, got to go!  Tomorrow, I will post my new bi and ti work out and max I hit for the week.  I will try to have some pictures to share, and another update on the Four Sigmatic Coffee I am hooked on.  Remember to leave me your comments

or send me an e-mail

And remember to stay hydrated, let’s all take a drink now, keep active, get up and do 1 minute of running in place now, and for God’s sake, be happy, your here today, right!

Check back tomorrow to see what kind of looney tune things I can think of.

Until tomorrow


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