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Well everyone, here we are Monday again, and guess what?  Our AC quit working over the weekend AGAIN.  I wished I had kept track of how many times this has happened since the Fourth of July, when this all started.  We had 2 new units put in less than one year ago, and one of the units has not worked properly since the 4 of July.  They are supposed to be coming out today, Monday, just to get it to cool, until they put the new unit in, but it is now 3 PM, and that was at 8 this morning.  I have called them 4 times since, and they keep telling me someone will be there soon???  What is their definition of SOON?  I am not going to go on to much about this, until AFTER they do everything they are supposed to do,or say they are doing, and than, there will be another Yelp Review!!!!  I have found this is the best way to get their attention!😓

Did everyone have a god weekend?  Ours was good, restful, very uneventful, almost kind of boring, BUT, we did get a little shopping done, a few new kitchen accessories, and I did get the perfume I was looking for,IMG_0001and it does smell awesome.  There are a few simple things in life that can brighten my mood, no matter what.  And these are a good scent, candles and flowers.  (I would also add to that a nice walk, and a good cup of coffee)  But this scent is very nice.  And, I did get some flowers over the weekend, and I also got the candles I had talked about last week, so being very Zen Like!

I don’t know how many of you watch football, but this used to be our weekends!  We would plan our weekend days around game time, (as well as our food, but we do not do that any longer either) but football is not so good and not so exciting this year!   Our Nebraska Cornhuskers have not won a game yet, but you know what, I am not giving up on them.  They have a brand new coach, that I have a lot of faith in, and they are a young team.  Maybe they won’t win a game all year ( and that would really suck) but I will still try to watch them and cheer them on! GBR!!!🏈

Now the Falcons are a whole different story.  This is a professional team that should be able to win a few games.  So far this season, they have won only one game.  They better pull their heads out of their asses if they have ANY hope of being in the Super Bowl in their house, right????  I really don’t care if I watch them or not.

Do you have a favorite team or sport?  Let me know!

Today has been another one of those days.  I am getting a lot done, but I feel like for every step I take forward, I take two backwards.  I keep thinking of things I need to do, so I get up and do that, and then sit down to work, and forget where I was.  I did not get as much in from the Chinese as I thought I would today,  think that I will have much more tomorrow.  It usually takes them a day or two to get all caught up.

Who is watching any good shows recently?  We are pretty much caught up on all of our binge watching, and all of our recorded shows, but we have started watching, I think  it is called Halloween Wars?  Not sure of the name, but it is on Sunday nights on the cooking channel, and it is where bakers us sugar art, cakes, candies, pumpkins, all kind of things to make Halloween decorations.  Some of this is unbelievable, it looks life like almost.  Kind of interesting.  Let me know what you are binge watching on now!

I haven’t asked for new recipes recently, but I could use a few.  I have chicken tenders out for dinner, and I plan on breading them very lightly in potato flour and baking in the oven, but this is how I have made these the last few times.  Any suggestions for recipes, healthy of course, for chicken tenders?  Or just chicken in general?  I could also use a couple of ideas for hanger steak, I bought some of this at the market, and scallops?  I am really trying to mix things up, so the hubs doesn’t get tired of the same things all of the time.  So, please feel free to send me some new recipes.  Send these to

Tomorrow I am also going to post my workout again, and how it I am feeling doing this so far.  Maybe even a pic or two.

Well gang, I know this is a shorter post today, but again, I am behind and trying to get caught up.  I will try to post a few pictures tomorrow, and post more, but for now, send me your comments:

And remember, to stay hydrated, it is still really hot out, keep active, get up and stretch and do some running in place, and be happy, life is better if you are not a sour puss.😒

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