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Well here we go again.  The weather is really dreary today, but not really raining.  Just enough of a mist to get damp when you are out.  Luckily, we did get a GOOD walk in before the heavier mist hit this morning.

I told everyone yesterday I would post my workout I am currently doing and the max weight I hit, well here it is:

Lying Tri Press Max Weight 20 lbs

Tri Dips  10 each set

Kettle Bell Abs Max Weight  15 lbs

Rope Tri  Max Weight  45 lbs

Dumb Bell Curl  Max Weight 15 lbs

Hip Thrusts  10 each set

Bar Back Pull Max Weight  95 lbs

Planks  3 sets of 1 minute each

Rope Abs  Max Weight  105 lbs

Lots of Running in Place and Jumping Jacks

I know the max weight is not that high yet, but I hope by the end of October to have all weights increased, a lot.

What is your favorite work out?

I did manage to take a picture of my plate before I dug into my dinner last night

IMG_0005  I made breaded chicken tenders, steamed sugar snap peas, I had radishes and celery and Salsa.  This was really good.  Even the hubs commented on how good this was.

Tonight I am making Sautéed Scallops, Zoodles and Marina Sauce.  This should be good, I have made something similar, but not with Scallops.  I will try to get a better picture of this.

We did finally get out AC “band aid” fixed last night, about 5:30, and they just called me to say they have ordered the replacement unit!!!  Finally, they have realized the  unit is defective and are just going to replace it.

I told you that I did find the perfume I was looking for at Sephora on SundayIMG_0001  This is a really good scent, very light, airy, and it is a scent that stays with me.  It always seems, after about an hour or so, no matter what perfume I wear, you can’t smell it any longer.  This seems to last most of the day.  The only problem I had, they only had the little spray bottles.  I am sure if you could find the larger bottle, it would last even better.  Does that make sense? What is your favorite scent?  Or do you have several?

Do you have a morning ritual you do to get your day started?  I was reading somewhere, that people that have a morning routine, are more productive than people that just get up and go.  Well, I am a very routine person.  If I do not get to do my normal morning routine, I am totally out of sync all day.  My morning routine is to get up, get out and walk, and I like to get at least 3 miles in, longer is better, than, if hubs is with us, to stop and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, some good conversation and maybe visit with our friends that are at Starbucks with us that time of day.  After that, Monday thru Friday, I go to the gym and lift weights.  Some days are heavy days, some days not so heavy.  And after that, shower and work! And then more work!  What is your morning routine?

Speaking of working out, I have a couple of questions for everyone.  First, does anyone know what I mean by Anabolic Workout?  It was recommended to me that I do an anabolic workout, it might help to increase or build my muscles.  (OD  Feel my muscle, remember that?)  But, I am not sure, what is an Anabolic Workout?  I know I can google this and hopefully figure it out, but do any of you readers do this and if so, what is it?  Let me know.

Second question, it was also recommended to add Creatine to my routine.  I have heard, and also done some research on this, and Creatine is supposed to be quite good for more mature adults.  And, one benefit, it helps with inflammation.  But, I have also read that it can cause you to retain water weight.  Do any of you take creatine, and if yes, what are your thoughts on this, please let me know.

I am such a coffee snob.  I just got the Mushroom Coffee from FourSigmatic, and LOVE this coffee, but do you know I have almost finished this already? That is how good it is.  I have already ordered more, but I also just ordered some Black Rifle Coffee. IMG_2067 I have had this in the past, and it is really good, they have a darker than dark roast that is what I like.  And I feel that with the weather getting cooler, maybe, I will most definitely be drinking even more coffee.  This does not even count the coffee I get out at Coffee Shops!  Do you have a favorite coffee and if so, what is it?

Well kidz, since I am on a roll today, I won’t take up too much of your time, and, I have asked several questions so please send your comments to my e-mail

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I would like to hear from all of you.

Check back tomorrow and see what else I come up with to blog about!  Any suggestions?

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