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I think fall is maybe finally coming, maybe.  It feels a little better out, but that might be the effects of Michael.  I know it is going to bring a lot of rain to our area tonight, but they say, by tomorrow afternoon, the rain should be gone and the weather cooler!!Woo Hoo, yes that is coming from me who loves HOT weather.

We got most of our walks, (I say walks because until the hubs gets his speed and distance up more, we walk different routes) in this morning, but I was almost to Starbucks and he called to say he was calling it quits. He had gotten wet enough and was heading in.  But, at least we got out and we both got almost two miles in, better then nothing.  He has been so dedicated, I am very proud of him.

I also said that fall may be coming because they are changing out the summer flowers for the winter flowers today in front of our building.  It almost seems like a shame because the summer flowers look great yet.  All of the foliage and trees and everything looks so good.  Apparently, it is that time of year, you think so?? Considering today is the 10th of October.

Which brings me to Halloween.  How many of you decorate for Halloween.  🎃When we lived in our house, I would go a little overboard with decorations.  I just liked to decorate! But now in the condo, I only put out my witch, one pumpkin and a pumpkin place mat I place my flowers on.  I do have several pair of Halloween socks, does that count?

I ask because in conversation yesterday, I realized that other than up north in the mountains, I have not seen any pumpkin patches around the city.  Maybe I am just not in the right area, but it seems in the past, these were everywhere.

In this same conversation, I was informed there are some really bizarre decorations out there.  What happened to pain old pumpkins and witches and ghosts?  If you do decorate, send pictures and I will share with my readers. Send your pictures to

Another thing I used to do this time of year is get Starbucks PSL, but have you ever looked at the sugar and calories in one of these?  Not any more.  I do like a good pumpkin bread, but since I do not eat gluten, I have not had any of this for years.  About as pumpkin as I get is my Organifi Pumpkin Spice Gold I have in the evening and trust me, this is great!  I have been taking one scoop of this every night, in warmed unsweetened Almond/Coconut milk, about 1/2 hour before bed, and I sleep great, and wake up with VERY LITTLE stiffness.  And very refreshed!

I have been thinking of teaching myself how to macrame.  I know, that is so 1970, but in the evenings, once we do sit down to watch TV, sometimes I just get bored, so I want to eat, (not good).  I can knit and I can crochet, and maybe I should just do one of those, but I think it would be fun to learn how to do this.  Do any of you macrame?  Let me know.  And the question was proposed to me, what would you make?  I have no idea!  Maybe some little rugs for our kitchen!  Maybe something much smaller like a hot pad?  How hard is it to learn?  If you can macrame, let me know and let me know how hard this is, and ideas on what to start with.  Again, maybe I should just get my crochet hooks out and crochet some doggie slippers for G.  🐕🤗What do you think?

I did make a GREAT dinner last evening, if I do say so myself, even hubs said it was GOOD!  I have made this before, but not with the scallops.  I start with plain tomato

IMG_0007Rao Sauce, and add lots of peppers, onions, shallots and let it simmer for a long time.  Then I sauteed the scallopsIMG_0008 in garlic, onion and peppers.  I served this over zoodles ( I did not take a picture of these, they were a little over done) but this was good.  The sauce (Rao) is a very good, very healthy sauce.

I had told myself, last week when the Chinese were on holiday, I was going to do some cleaning and organizing.  Well, I do not know what happened, but I never got around to it.  So, I have to get my ass in gear and get some of this done.  I stay very organized for some time, and than all of the sudden, everything is a mess.  I did get my bathroom drawers and cupboards done last week, took three bags of trash out!!!!😥Where did it all come from???? My goal this week is to get through my kitchen, this really should not be too bad.  But, I need to get to our storage room, this severely needs to be cleaned out.  I know there is a lot of trash in there, and things I might need to try to sell.  Do you have any need for cremation urns?  Let me know if you do!

How many of you got the new I phone?  I did and it took a minute to get it set up, but I am loving this new phone.  (Bonus, the battery does not run down)  I am working on cleaning up my laptop now, I was getting a message that said the start up disk is almost full, have you ever received that message?  If so, how do you clean up your start up disk?  Let me know.

Well you!  It is that time, that I need to get back to it, I got a lot going on this afternoon, and have to unpack some packages I got in, so,

Remember to Hydrate, drink up!

person holding drinking glass

Ba Active,

action adventure air balance

Get up and move now, (if you can do this, do this now)

And Be Happy, remember tomorrow is a promise to no one

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