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Hey there and Howdy!  I am really trying to get a jump on this post today.  My day started out good and is going good, and my fingers are working like crazy.  😍So Far!!!  I normally do not even start my post until after lunch, but on my mission to be more organized, and get things done in a more timely manner, I am starting early today.  (Man, I hope I can keep this up ALL DAY!)  That would be Awesome.

First things first.  The hubs came home from work yesterday, and I was, and still am, concerned about him.  He came in, changed his clothes and crawled into bed.  (Funny side note first, he was holding his pants when he walked in, well come to find out later, he has lost so much weight, he could not keep his pants up yesterday)  Needless to say, those pants are going in our Good Will bag😄  I told him he really needs to try all of his pants on, and see what fits.  I think it is time to go shopping.  Anyway, when he did come out of the bedroom, he said he was just tired, the day was a little too much for him????? But then he was running a fever.  He woke up this morning feeling fine, or so he said, and even went on his short walk, but now he is taken his morning nap!!!!  Not so sure he is 100% yet!  I have told him he just needs to EASE back into this, and not go head on like he wants to do.

Second thing, they just now showed up to install our second new AC unit.  According to previous adventures on this, this will be an ALL day affair.  But at lease, I am hoping this unit will work!  To be continued as time go ons!

I will admit, I am addicted to Podcasts.  I love to listen to ALL kinds of podcasts, but I do get roped into the ones that tend to talk more on health, exercise, diets and lifestyles.  I started listening to another new one, and the guy that has this has started a small line of supplements.  One of the things he sells on this is Kion Coffee.    This is supposedly one of the healthiest and purest coffees out there.  The description:

Purely Delicious Flavor Profile. This is a soft yet rich coffee with hints of milk chocolate, toasted pecan and a whisper or orange blossom that lingers on the finish.

High Quality Beans: Specialty-grade, organic beans are selected from around the world.

Toxin Screening: These beans are then screened for toxins, like pesticides and mold.

Ok, so Yes, I am a sucker.  I did need coffee, (as the weather gets cooler, I drink at least 2-3 cups per day, so I go through a lot of coffee) so, of course, I ordered some.  I just got this last night, kion-coffee-front-600x600.jpg

and have not tried it yet, I will probably try it later today.  But it is coffee, how bad can it be?  Right???  Have any of you heard of this coffee or tried it?

I did another leg torching work out this am, and I think I really might regret this tomorrow.  It seemed I have been sitting at my desk a bit too long, and when I got up, WOW, our my legs stiff!  But that is okay!  All is good!

Man, I am having one of those HANGRY days today.  Most days, I am not really that hungry.  I may or may not eat breakfast, just depending on how I feel and time, and than I will eat a decent lunch and dinner.  (And of course, in the evening, I usually will have some fruit and my Gold Juice drink) but I woke up hungry this morning, I ate a decent breakfast, was still hungry so I drank a bunch of water, (which reminds me, let’s all take a big drink now)

person holding drinking glass

and at noon, I felt like I was starving again!  Right now, I am eating a BIG bowl of greens, left over green beans, and left over egg casserole.  This should fill me till dinner, maybe.

It seems that every day I share what I learned on the podcast I was listening to that morning. Well today is no different😄 The podcast I was listening to was talking about healthy oils.  They mentioned that two of the most healthy oils are Olive Oil and Sesame Oil.  These are really good to cook with and to spray on salads.  Well, you know what two oils I have on our counter in misters?  You got it, olive oil and sesame oil.  They also said, if you can find it, Toasted Sesame Oil is even better.  I made a note too look for this at the market.

They were also talking about how good watercress is for you.  I am not sure that I have ever had watercress, have you?  So, I made a note to look for this at the market this weekend as well.  They said it is very good sautéed or to just use in your salad.   There are a lot of good health benefits from water cress, but the one that got my attention:Mineral and Vitamin K Contents Protect Against Osteoporosis.  Watercress contains many minerals necessary for bone health, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus (3). Though calcium is well-known for its effects on bone health, magnesium, vitamin K and potassium also play important roles (24). A balanced diet high in nutrient-dense vegetables is correlated with a positive effect on bone health (24). Additionally, one cup (34 grams) of watercress provides more than 100% of the RDI for vitamin K (3).  And has only 4 calories. Vitamin K is a component of osteocalcin, a protein that makes up healthy bone tissue and helps regulate bone turnover (4, 25).

Since I do not have the strongest bones, I though this was very interesting.  Once I try this, I will let you know how I like it.  (It is a green,  I cannot imagine that I will not like it)

This was all part of a big discussion on how important it is to detoxify, and take care of your gut health.  How many of you take a probiotic?  We do and have for some time.  I know that I talked about probiotics in yesterday’s post, and I also mentioned I had ordered Organifi Green Juice.  I strongly think between these two things, I should be doing of good job of keeping my gut detoxified.  I can feel the difference if I do not get enough greens or do not take my probiotic like I normally do, or even if I do not get enough water.  I just feel slow and sluggish!  Do you notice a difference?

I did finally get my nails redone last night, or at least stared.  (It usually takes me 2 or 3 nights to get them completely done.)  I like to do 2 coats a night, and let the polish dry completely.  If they are a bit tacky, you get sheet marks on your nails!  I will do a little more tonight.  What is your process for doing your nails?

Well chickie doodles!  I think I need to be done for now.  I still have some things I need to get crossed off my list.  I am on a roll and trying to get a LOT done today.

And until tomorrow, remember to hydrate, maybe you need to do like I do and set a reminder on your phone to drink!  Be active, when your drink timer goes off, not only should you take a drink, but get up and move as well, maybe do 10 body squats. And most important, be happy, keep that smile on your face.

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