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Time for Coffee

Time for Coffee

I think my legs are screaming at meūüŹčūüŹĹMaybe I tried to go a little heavier today than I should have?? NEVER!!!! ¬†I am trying to get to the point that I can squat my weight, I am almost there, but might need to go a little lighter tomorrow and then back into it next week! ¬†MAYBE!

Anyway, how are you today?  Life is GOOD!  The hubs is feeling better today, he slept most of the day yesterday and I can tell, he is doing much better today.  He just needs to learn he does have limits.

ME? I am feeling great!  For now!  I am just a little sore, but overall, I feel better than I have for some time.

It was just a little cooler out this morning jalking, but I tell you, Mr G loves this weather. ¬†He had all kinds of energy this morning, we set a really good pace, we even had to back track to find the hubs. ¬†It was almost chilly sitting for coffee. ¬†Tomorrow might be a sweatshirt day! ¬† But I do think fall is on the way.IMG_0019.jpg¬†This is by our building and it seems overnight the leaves turned. ¬†I can imagine that the mountains are going to be very pretty soon. ¬†Might have to make another trip up there, besides, I am out of applesūüćé

I have one complaint I need to talk about.  Well, it might be two.  Yesterday they came to install our new AC unit, or to better explain, replace the unit that never did work.  One of the guys that was here was coughing and sneezing the whole time he was here.  I understand people cannot call in and not come to work over every little sneeze, but maybe you can wear a mask or at least cover your mouth and face when you do this?  Then, I was at the store this morning and the girl that was checking me out was coughing all over the place.  I bought just a couple pieces of fruit, that I promptly brought home and TRIED to sterilize that best I know how.  Again, do you need to be at the register and touching everything when you are sick?  That is why I go NO WHERE with out sanitizer, do you hear that OD?  I even put some in the hubs back pack, just to be safe.

I took a duck out the other day, thinking I would cook it up and would could have duck meat for a couple days. ¬†That is when the hubs was not feeling great and he asked that I wait to make it. ¬†Well, it was about time today to make it up, or it would not be good much longer. ¬†I just wasn’t feeling like duck this morning, did not even sound good. ¬†I did stick in the pot this morning, with a bunch of spices,¬†IMG_0018.jpg¬†and it smells GREAT. ¬†Now, I am in the mood for duck. ¬†I will pull it all off the bone once it cools, and we can eat off of it for two or three days. ¬†!!! ¬†I put just a spoon of the broth in G’s lunch, and I swear, he licked the bowl so clean it looked like it had been washed!

I told you I had got this new coffee,¬†kion-coffee-front-600x600, I just tried this for the first time today. ¬†I really like the flavor, but realized, because I like really strong coffee, you have to use just a little more coffee. ¬†It has a very clean taste. ¬†I can’t comment on any extra energy yet, but I will update you on this.

I haven’t talked about Aaptiva for some time, because I haven’t used it for awhile. ¬†I was looking for a new stretch routine this morning, and went to my Aaptiva app. ¬†I found this great little stretch, it was a 12 minute Head to Toe stretch by Jenn. ¬†This felt great! ¬†I have marked it and will do it again.

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Have you noticed I have not mentioned a podcast once so far in this post? ¬†That has not been easy! ¬†Yes, I did listen to podcasts this morning, and as usual, very informative! ¬†This is where I get all of my knowledge ¬†(just kidding) ¬†But, if you listen to the right podcasts, you can learn a lot. ¬†The other thing I listen to a lot is Audible. ¬†I like to read books the old fashion way, but I do like to listen to books on audible, but on audible, I listen to health related books, I don’t like to read those kind of books. ¬†I am listening currently to a book by Ben Greenfield. ¬†As I get more in to this, and feel I have something I have learned to share, of course I will.

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Well all of you crazy macaroons!  I do need to get back at it!  Many things to check off my list yet today.  Hey, I have an i Phone X for sale, as well as a Series 1 Apple Watch.  If you are interested, send me an e-mail

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