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Hey we are FRIDAY!!!!  YAY!  It was a little touch and go there for some time!  (Just Kidding)  Actually, it has been a good week, I did not get as much “organizing” accomplished as I wanted to, but I did get a lot of work done, a lot of good jalks, some good walks with the hubs, and some really good lifting in.  Could be why my body is just a little sore and tired today!  Feeling my old crickety bones today!

I told you all I would post my workout I did this week, and the MAX lb I reached, here we go:

Bar Bell Squat  Max WT  35lb per side

Dumb Bell Bench Press  Max WT  20 lbs

Bent Over Dumb Bell Dead Lift  Max WT  35 lbs

Bent Over Dumb Bell Row  Max WT  35 lbs

Shoulder Shrugs  Max WT  35 lbs

Farmers Walk  Max WT  35 lbs

Today, I only did two sets of 5 reps each, and then I added some other exercises.

In between these I did a lot of Jumping Jacks, Running in Place, and Springs up and down the hall.

I liked doing this work out, but I have found a work out call Aesthetics.  It seems to be a program that you do for total of three months, and you pick the exercise that concentrate on the areas of your body you want to work on and improve the most.  I haven’t got into it enough yet to know what I will start with on Monday, but Monday, I will list what I am going to do.  One step at a time it what it says.  I figure if I start on Monday, I will be just about through it by Christmas.

OH MAN,  I am having a cup of my Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee right now, with just a splash of Italian Creamer Coffee Creamer, and I feel like heaven.  This is SO good!!!!!

Yesterday, I was speaking with my friend from India.  I was telling her about the Organifi Gold Juice I drink every night, and how it helps me sleep,  (I don’t know what happened last night, but I really slept like crapidoodle)  (I think I slept with one eye open because the hubs was not feeling too good last night, and I think he was running a fever) Anyway, and I told her how good my body has been feeling since I have been drinking this.  This led her to a whole conversation about how much even better I might feel if I used fresh ginger and tumeric and made a tea out of that.  Then she was telling me when she was young and still lived in India, her grandfather would eat whole garlic cloves twice a day, he would chew fresh aloe every day, and eat just a couple raw almonds every day.  This was in addition to drinking the ginger and tumeric tea.  She told me how soft and smooth his skin always looked, and still does to this day, and how much energy he has all the time.

Since I had fresh ginger root at home, I started last night grating it on my dinner, I made some ginger water earlier today and am sipping on it, I had two whole garlic cloves with my dinner last night and will do the same tonight, and am going to look for an Aloe Plant this weekend.  I used to drink one shot of Aloe Juice every day, but this was not fresh, so I thought that I would look for a plant.

I also plan on getting more fresh ginger root and tumeric root this weekend and drinking ginger/tumeric water every day, or at least for a while.  Has anyone ever tried this?  Let me know.

How many of you readers from the US vote?  My opinion is that everyone should make it their duty to vote.  You should have an opinion on what is happening in the US and your community, (I do not care what your opinion is) but you should get out and vote.  I went out and early voted today, as I have  prior commitment on November 6 and know I will not be able to vote.  But back to you, if you are over the age of 18 and a registered voter, PLEASE VOTE!

How many of you have bought (if you are able to in the state you live in) a Mega Million or Power Ball ticket?  The Mega Millions is up to almost one billion dollars, that is a shitload of money.  I picked up a couple when I went out to vote today.  If you don’t hear from me on Monday, I probably won the lotto😄$$

I know I have mentioned this before, but on Friday’s I make a Costco run.  I never used to even look at the produce, I just thought that the amount was too much and it would get bad before I could eat it.  Since the hubs is eating more fruit and vegetables, we have been going through a lot more.  Needless to say, to buy a larger amount now makes sense, and you can get really good organic produce there.  I bought 4 lbs of Organic Washington Apples today for $4.49 and 4 lbs of Organic Grapes for $8.49.  These are really good prices for this, and the produce is really good.

Speaking of hubs.  He has not been feeling that great this week, and last night he was tired, cold and I think that he was running a fever.  (We do not have a thermometer, but I AM getting one this weekend).  He also has an appointment with his cardiologist this coming week, so I have made a list of questions he needs to ask) But my guess is, because he has lost almost 100 lbs now, he has 100 lbs less insulation is why he is cold all the time.  But I also think, he is not eating enough.  Which sounds really funny, but after we added up his caloric intake for yesterday, ya, I don’t think he is eating enough.  I also do not think he is getting enough protein.  I have told him this is my thoughts, so today, he told me he is listening to me, he will eat a little more, eat a little more protein, and see if he feels better by the time he goes to cardiologist.  Now, I am asking you readers for input here.  Have any of you had experiences similar to this?  Or what is your input on this?  Please send your feedback and comments on this to

Well kids, I am still have a few things to get checked off my list, so, it’s time to go!!  Time to get stuff done so I can get on to the weekend!!!

So, until then, everyone take a BIG Drink

person holding drinking glass
It is very important to stay hydrated!

Everybody get up and move!  Be Active!!

sunset beach people sunrise
Remember, a body in motion STAYS in motion

And keep that GREAT BIG SMILE on your face, be happy!

woman wearing yellow button up long sleeved dress shirt

I like Happy People!!!!

And everyone have a great weekend and leave me your best comment below:

And come back Monday, to see what fun things are going on!


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