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Did you get that Lucky Mega Million Ticket yet?

Did you get that Lucky Mega Million Ticket yet?

Hey gang, here we are again.  What a morning it has been.  I am getting a good start on this, an early start!  Hubs woke up earlier than normal today, so we got up and got going. The weather was much more comfortable and also sitting at coffee this morning, very nice.  (Life is Good😍)  Unfortunately, hubs had to go to the office again today, I am getting real used to him being home and kind of like it.  The only advantage to him being out, is I can get more “dust collecting” done.  My goal today, AFTER I get all of my work caught up, is to go through kitchen cupboards.  They need some good reorganizing and going though.  (This is really my OCD kicking in, I feel much better when things have some organization)  Are you like that or is it just me?

I told you that I would post the Focus Session of my Aesthetic program.  I did add just a little to this because I don’t think that I will get a walk or a work out in tomorrow.  This is what I did today:  For each exercise, I did 3 sets, I started with 5 reps, than 8 reps and ended with 12 reps

Leg Extensions Max Wt  130 lbs

Alternate Lunges

Tri Cable Press Down  Max Wt  65 lbs

Dumb Bell Kick Back Max Wt  12 lbs

Cable Upright Rows  Max Wt  115 lbs

Dumb Bell Arnold Press Max Wt  12 lbs

I added

Leg Press  Max Wt  130 lbs

and lots of Jumping Jacks and Run In Place

I will do this program one more day this week.  I am going to try to get SOMETHING  in tomorrow, but hubs has a Dr follow up and not sure how long that will take.

How ’bout them Falcons!  I don’t want to jinx anything, but two wins in a row?  WOW, I am happy.  This means both of my football teams won this weekend.  Can I hope for this next weekend as well?

How many of you have ordered your Fall/Winter Four Athletics Paleomg Wear?  Well, if you have not done this so far, today is the last day so you better get this done today.  All you have to do is go to

And when you place your order, enter Code tamiesjourney.  (Help support this blog) Let me know what you ordered and how you like it once you receive it.  I have not ordered mine yet, but am going to get this done today!

Speaking of codes and good things.  Have you checked out the Organifi site yet?  I have and am trying three different products from there now.  The Gold Juice, feature3( I also have the Gold Pumpkin Spice flavor, and this is SOO GOOD!) I have the Red Juice Red-Front_ce281da1-5bc7-4e8f-b96e-e0fcd3b0c365_1024x1024and have just got the Green Juice.  I have been taking the Gold Juice at night.  I mix it with warm unsweetened Almond Milk.  YUM!!!!  I also sprinkle Nutmeg on top.  I drink the Red Juice on my jalk in the morning, I mix this with sparkling water, and this is great.  It gives me just a little extra for my workout.  I will just start the Green Green-Juice-Front_f0312d80-acd5-446d-821b-29e11db3a406_grandejuice tomorrow so I cannot comment on that yet.  You really need to check out some of these GREAT and AWESOME products.  Go to

and check out all of their GREAT products.  When you place your order, remember to enter the code TAMIE15 for your discount.  Let me know what you think of this stuff!  So far, I am really loving it.  And when you order one of these great products, you will help support this blog.  Thank You.

How many of you have bought your Mega Million ticket. What would you do with 1.6 + Billion Dollars?  Let me know.

I went out this morning and bought both the Mega Million and the Power Ball.  I can dream for a little while.  I expected somewhat of a line, but there were only a few people in front of me.  I went to an entirely new place, one I have not tried before, because I was not having any luck at the “LUCKY” place, so you know the saying, if you want a different outcome, you have to change what you are doing, SO, we will see if this works better.  And if you did get your ticket, good luck to you as well.

You know how you might have that one relative who likes to talk about nothing but their own illness ALL THE TIME?  You know you all have at least one.  Well, I happen to be lucky and have two.  One of these two, I used to communicate with all the time, but it ended up, if we did not talk about them and what was going on health wise for them, they lost interest.  The only time this relative contacts me now is when they want something😞 The other relative I have like this, well this one used to be the WORST and I really avoided even talking to them.  Well, since the hubs has been ill, this relative is one of the few, (other than OD and OS) that has been keeping in touch and asking how he is doing.  And amazingly, YES OD, this is kind of amazing, they only have touched very briefly on their own issues.  This person has actually become kind of fun to chat with, and we chat about a lot of things, not just their illness!  Sometimes, maybe it just takes one big thing to make people sit back and evaluate their situation is not so bad!  This relative actually said this morning that it is good to sit back, relax and just smell the roses and they were happy we could do that!  Amazing!

I must apologize, I have no pictures for you today to share, I have no food tips to share because we have been eating leftovers.  Oh, I think I forgot to mention that on Sunday we made soup!  Saturday we boiled up chicken that I picked off the bones, just to have the chicken meat to eat.  Sunday, we took the broth from the chicken and added ALL kinds of vegetables, even BoK Choy, and this turned out GREAT.  So much flavor and I am sure, since it is all vegetables, it is good for us.  Last night, and we will have the same tonight, we had the chicken meat with the soup!!!!!

Anyway, I think that I have taken enough of your time and besides, it is time to go!  Need to get other things done yet today. I really need to get this blog to grow so I can work solely on this.  (Check out Organifi and Four Athletics and order something and help support this blog)

So kidlets, until tomorrow, even though the weather is cooler, remember to hydrate, I am taking a BIG drink now

person holding drinking glass

Gt up and MOVE, even if your watch did not tell you to, let’s all do some jumping jacks now

sunset beach people sunrise

And for Pete Sake, BE HAPPY!!!! Get that big smile on your face

woman with blue lips

I like the Blue Lip Color!

And come back tomorrow for more.

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See you all tomorrow


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