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Howdy all you!  Is everyone having a great day! All good here!  You know, I did not get a walk in this am, just a very quick 1.25 mile, and I did not get a work out in, and so far, it is lunch time already, and I do not even feel bad about this!  How unlike me.

The reason, hubs had a Dr. Appt, early this am, so I did not have time for either.  I was going to try to go to the gym this afternoon, but I have decided, maybe, just give your body the day off, and see how tomorrow goes.  What do you guys think?  I normally work  out religiously Monday thru Friday, but by Friday, my work out is kind of lame.  So maybe, just maybe, if I take it a little easier today, Friday will be a good workout!

We did go for a little walk at lunch, hubs wanted to get some walking in, this was 1.5 miles, and I figure when I take Mr G out this evening, I can get another mile in, so it will not be too bad of a day.  But to compare to yesterday, I had 8 miles in by the end of the day!

(Excuse me, I need to get up and do 10 squats, I will be right back)

Ok Done!  The hubs Dr appt, went great.  He is doing so good, even the Dr is impressed.  All of his vitals are great, his weight is great, everything, thus far is good.  He was happy and I am very happy.  He just needs to go back in one month and be checked again👏Good Job Big Guy!

Since I did not work out this morning, I can’t comment on that, so I am going to talk about something else that I KNOW, I talk about this every day, but I cannot say enough good things about this!

ORGANIFI!  I just started the Red Juice a few days ago, but I can tell that it does help with my weight lifting some, maybe more in the future, I will keep you all updated.  But regarding the Gold Juice!!!  I am going to refer to this as the miracle powder.  You all know that I have RA, and I have had sleep issues forever.  Well, after taking the Gold Juice,  (and I really wish that I had made a note when I first started this) but I sleep like a baby, 80% of the time.  I still do have that occasional night where I do not sleep great, but, SOO MUCH BETTER than I used to.  I had no idea how good I could feel after a solid night of sleep.

The other thing that I notice, I do not wake up stiff, I can move my hands, my knees don’t hurt like they used to, ( YES, OD, I do still wear my straps to lift and walk in, but that is for preventive purposes only)and the other thing I have been paying REALLY close attention to is, at the end of the day, once I do finally sit and relax, when I get up to move, I am not stiff and can walk normal, unlike it used to be, where it would take me a few minutes to get moving.  Again, I really think this a miracle powder.  If you have any questions on this what so ever, please contact me at

You can take a look at all of their great products at

If you do want to order something, send me an e-mail and I will get you the BEST cost possible.

I haven’t received the Green Juice yet, and I am very anxious to get this.  I can’t imagine, after trying the other two, that I would be disappointed with this.  I also want to take a good look at their


Just look at the hand-selected superfood ingredients you can enjoy in each serving of Organifi Pure:

Lion’s Mane Mushroom – This fungus has a long history in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. It was used to nourish ALL the internal organs. The Western world is only now understanding its value for the mind. Lion’s Mane is shown to protect and nourish those vital brain cells, improve mood, fight against anxiety and depression, and help provide natural energy.5

Baobab Fruit – The Baobab Tree grows in some of the harshest desert conditions in this world. Ancient African Shaman’s understood its strength, and have worked to protect these trees from industrial agriculture and environmental changes. The sun-ripened baobab fruit contains a number of hard-working vitamins and minerals which offer improved digestion, full-body hydration, antioxidant support, and helps protect and repair brain cell health.6

Aloe Vera – Aloe vera contains more than 75 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, naturally-occurring enzymes, and nutrients to help the body with cleansing and toxin removal, blood sugar regulation, improved digestion, and to help boost immunity.8

Ginger Root – This highly versatile root is known for providing antioxidants, and its anti-inflammatory properties.9 It also aids in proper digestion, regulates blood sugar, offers protection against stomach ulcers, eases menstrual cramping, and improves mental function.10,11,12,13,14

Monk fruit – This mysterious vine-grown fruit is 300-400 times sweeter than cane sugar. Yet there are no calories and no effect on blood sugar.15 Monk Fruit is extremely rare in the wild. Taste it’s exotic sweetness without traveling thousands of miles.

Digestive enzymes – Enzymes are proteins found in living cells. Organifi Pure contains a specific combination – amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase. With this, the body experiences less bloating, improved digestion, and a gut-microbiome powered by proper nutrition.16

CoffeeBerry / NeuroFactor – Usually discarded, the CoffeeBerry has been shown to contain potent phytonutrients.17 The brain contains a protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which helps brain cells communicate, and neurons survive. CoffeeBerry and its derivative, NeuroFactor, actually increase BDNF for better cognitive function.18,19,20

Lemon – Low calorie, high-fiber fruit that aids in digestion and helps to cool and alkalize the body. They’re rich in vitamin c, vitamin b6, iron, and potassium. Lemons help support a healthy response to inflammation, increased immunity, suppressed appetite, and add a delicious tart-sweet flavor.21

Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV balances ph levels, adds shine to hair and skin, helps to support optimal blood pressure levels, increases weight loss, offers digestive support and provides a sweet flavor.22 It’s a great tool for keeping the pathways between mind and gut clear.

Coconut Water – Refreshing and hydrating, with an overwhelming amount of potassium. It helps to provide energy, encourage healthier weight loss, and enhance athletic performance. We included coconut water to increase this solution’s power and amplify absorption of all these other nutrients.23

Tapioca Fiber Prebiotic – When we consume plant-based fibers, it also serves as a prebiotic – helping to nurture the culture of healthy gut bacteria living in your system. That healthy gut culture speaks directly to the brain, and vice-versa.24

I can’t believe that this would be anything but great!  I love the Lions Mane Mushroom, and the Ginger Root and Aloe Vera?  How awesome is that?  Ok, I think I just talked myself into this.

Again, if you have any questions on this, send me an e-mail.

One of the things they suggest doing with the Gold juice, is frothing it with the Almond Milk. Well, I did not have a Frother, and I must have a Frother, so I went on an Amazon buying spree and bought SEVERAL items, including a Frother.  This is so cool, I just made  myself some coffee and wanted to test this.  IMG_0028Looks just like a coffee shop coffee, doesn’t it.  I can’t wait to try this with my Pumpkin Spice Gold Juice and unsweetened Almond Milk tonight!

I also bought, among other things, a new watch band for my Apple Watch.  I decided I did not need the new watch, but I DID NEED a new watch band, and who doesn’t love a little leopard print.  IMG_0036

I also bought a thermometer.  The other day when hubs came home and I was sure he was running a fever, and the only thing I had to check this was my ice cold hands, I decided we needed a thermometer.  We have not had one of those since our kids were little, and that was the really old fashioned kind, that you stuck in your mouth and than read!!!  This one, you can take your temp either on your forehead, or your ear, and it takes about 10 seconds.  Of course I had to test this out!  I do know my body temp is always low, 97 is about normal for me.

Well, obviously, we all had to go to work today.  Can you believe there was ONE winner for the Mega Millions.  Oh Well, I would have just fat and lazy had I won it!  I do have a ticket for the Power Ball tonight, just in case.

Well kidz, I had better get back at it, just in case I do not win that Power Ball tonight.

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I really need to get this blog to grow so I can work solely on this.  (Check out Organifi and Four Athletics and order something and help support this blog)

until tomorrow, even though the weather is cooler, remember to hydrate, I am taking a BIG drink now

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Gt up and MOVE, even if your watch did not tell you to, let’s all do some jumping jacks now

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And for Pete Sake, BE HAPPY!!!! Get that big smile on your face

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