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Full Moon to Walk By

Full Moon to Walk By

MMMM! Coffee, it just does a body good!  I am having my second cup today, it is SOO much better with my new Frother!  It just makes it taste so light and airy!  So Fun!

Hubs and I just made a quick trip to the mall, (He seriously needed some new slacks) and it was a little chilly out.  The breeze is kind of cold.  I hate to do it, but I may need to get the long pants out😞  Shorts is much more my choice!

It didn’t seem so bad walking this morning, but I did have my sweatshirt on, and G and I actually jogged for a while this morning, but even sitting for coffee was nice.  I just hope that we can get out before the rain moves in tomorrow.

Because we got up a little earlier this morning, I got a good start to my morning.  Got a lot of stuff done, but than I got side tracked looking for a nice restaurant for our Christmas trip.  I am so ADD, I start reading on one restaurant, that leads to another, and now I am even more confused then before.  So many choices!  Do we want a five star michelin restaurant or do we want casual, local or touristy?  WOW, I had to quit for now!  If you have been to Barcelona, and have any suggestions, please send to

If you got your work out in today raise your hand!🖐  Since I did not get my lift in yesterday, I had intended to get a little extra in today.  Instead, I did less sets, but went HEAVIER and really pushed myself.  I have been keeping very close track of the difference if I lift lighter, more reps, or lift heavier, less reps.  The outcome, it appears, so far, that when I lift HEAVIER, less reps, I burn more calories throughout the day!  Now, I will continue to monitor, but so far, this seems to be the trend.

One of the podcasts I listen to, they talk about a little cardio is good, BUT, in order to really build muscle, (which in turn will burn more calories) is to do less cardio.  They have actually said you should aim for 10,000 steps a day. Well, I average 15,000 steps or more per day, and that is without really trying.  I just do a lot of walking, so I am trying to  lift HEAVIER, less reps, just really push myself.  I will continue to monitor this, and let you all know progress.  If you have any comments or input on this, please send to me:

They were already talking about Thanksgiving while I was walking this morning.  I am sorry, but we have not even had Halloween yet.  Most of the stores have their Christmas decorations out.  I know that I am really dating myself, but what happened to the days when first you had Halloween and not until the day after Halloween did they put out Thanksgiving things.  And Thanksgiving used to be a BIG Holiday.  Now, it seems Thanksgiving is just the day to start your Christmas shopping.

I guess that I am not really a good person to comment on this, because I do not even put up tree any longer, (although, I might do more decorating this year) because we are not home for Christmas.  We have done this for many years, we take our family on a holiday, and get to spend REAL quality time together.  Easy Peasy, no shopping, just pack and go!  But lots of planning.  (I am getting kind of spoiled, I did all of the planning for many years, and just recently, OD, OS and ODIL do the planning, we just pay.)  Makes it even better.  Thank you guys!!!

Ok, on to other topics.  Has is everyone feeling?  We here, are GREAT!  Did you get your flu shot??? There really is no reason not to, but I do understand many people just do not do this.  I have done this for a number of years, pretty much because my 2 Dr.s highly recommend it, as I really cannot get sick.  But also, I think it just makes good sense.  There are so many people around that are hacking and coughing, man, at least cover your mouth!  PLEASE!!!

WOW, that was a little rant, ok, one more think, just go get your flu shop!

Speaking of Halloween, do any of you dress up, have parties or even give out candy anymore?  Do people still give out candy?  I don’t even know if they do???  In the building I live in, they have one night for “trick or treat” and you have to sign up if you plan on  taking your children trick or treating, or if you plan on giving out candy.  That way, they know exactly which homes to go to and how many kids will be there.  I think it is a good idea.  We do not participate, but I still think it is a good idea.

Well cupcakes, even though I had a good start to the day, my ADD and the searching got me a little behind, so, just got to go!  Remember send your comments to

let me know what you think of this blog 👍 or 👎, let me know what you want me to blog about, give me your opinions, or just send a quick Hello!

And as always, hydrate, take two BIG drinks now! Be active, get up and do 10 squats now, and keep that great big beautiful smile on your face, turn that frown upside down, ( I told hubs to do that yesterday, did not work) as tomorrow is a promise to no one.

And bundle up, stay warm!

till tomorrow


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