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I hate when I have to put long pants and a coat on!☔️It was and still is raining out.  Mr G and I made a really quick trip out doors this am, very windy💨 and rainy out!  BRRRR, I am really not ready for this.  The GOOD thing, man, is this good sleeping weather.  I had our windows open just a hair last night, and I slept just a little late (OOPS) this morning.  But, since we could not go out for our walk any way, those few minutes really did not make a difference!

Wow, did I get a good work out in today, or at l east I think I did.  It might have been due to one of two factors.  Option 1, maybe the few minutes extra sleep did me some good, or Option 2, I got my new coffee maker yesterday and made some GREAT coffee this morning, especially now since I can also FROTH the creamer😍 (hubs thinks I am absolutely crazy, but that is okay, maybe I am) or, I just thought of Option 3, it could be the Organifi Red Juice that I am drinking.  I drank that right before I went to the gym.  I really don’t care which option it was, but I STILL feel great, (and I look so awesome too) 😉

So, here is what I did today, and the MAX wt I hit this week:

BarBell Squat   Max WT  40 lbs (both sides)

Romanian Deadlift  Max WT  40 lbs

Incline Dumb Bell Press  Max WT  15 lbs

Supp Bent Over Row  Max WT  30 lbs

Dumb Bell Shrug  Max WT  40 lbs

Dumb Bell Rear Flyes  max WT  15 lbs

Straight Bar Curls  Max WT  15

Dumb Bell Skull Crushers  Max WT  25 lbs

Leg Raises

Calf Raises

This morning I only did two sets of each, the first set I did 10 reps, the second set I did either 6 or 8 reps, as many as I could!

I did 12 each of the leg raises and the calf raises, and I also did Jumping Jacks and Running in Place, and the last thing I did was 5 flights of steps, up and down.

Now if I can improve my max wt again next week???  I feel good, (my body) so far, let’s see how tomorrow goes!

(Excuse me for a minute I need to do my 10 squats!)  OK done!

Hubs is in one of his “let’s get rid of crap” moods today, and I am GOOD with that.  I have been on this cleaning mode for the last two weeks, and appreciate his input.  He went through the shelves on his side of the office this morning, I went through the shelves on my side, and we came up with about 1/2 of a big bag of trash.

He ran out to pick up a few things, I opted to stay home and get ATW work done, walk the dog, but I also FINALLY got our bathroom cleaned GOOD, and now, tomorrow I have one cupboard I want his input on, keep or trash, and then next Monday, I can head down to our storage unit.  Organization makes me feel SO good.  Are you like that?  Clutter just clutters up my mind after awhile.  Once I get the storage unit done, I can clean G’s bedroom and wala!  Everything will be nice and clean and organized, for awhile!  I can’t wait.

I still have a Series 1 Apple Watch with a steel link band I need to get rid of, if you know of anyone that wants one, send me an e-mail

I told you all that I had gone on a Amazon shopping spree the other day.  Did I tell you I ordered more lights for G’s Collar?  Well, I used to have one of these, but somewhere along the way, it fell off.  As it stays darker in the mornings when I walk, and most times I walk alone any more, I like to have some kind of light, especially on G, so that people can see him, and I can see things.  This is really bright light.  Well I got these yesterday71O7W3o8EpL._SX522_.jpg

and hubs again, thought I was nuts.  “You really need a light on the dog?”  Well yes I do!  I put one on his collar this morning and WOW, this is a bright little sucker.  You will have no problem seeing him, or me, and I can see where I am going.  It is a win win!

I told you I planted some garlic, or at least I think I did.  I am on this all over get more healthier kick, and my Indian friend was telling me the story how good FRESH garlic is for us.  She told me it is really easy to grow, so of course, I had to try this.  I just did this on Tuesday, and I checked them now.  I think I planted about 10 little garlic cloves, and I already see at least half of them poking their little green heads out.  When these get a little bigger, I will take a picture and show you.  I can’t wait to try these and see what they taste like!  Wow, who knew I had a green thumb!

I was talking about Barcelona yesterday, and how happy I am that the planning of this has been taken over by other family members.  I know that this is a LOT of work, and I am feeling a little guilty that I do not do more.  I had asked for suggestions from you readers yesterday, and got a few, but I have asked OS to give me a call because I want to run a few of the ideas by him and see if I can be of any help.  Maybe I will offer to get the car from the airport to the hotel, that would at least be something.  When you travel, who makes a lot of the arrangements?  And again, if you have more suggestions of things to do, or fun local restaurants in Barcelona, please drop me a message

What is everyone doing for the weekend? Fun plans or just errands?  Or,just kick back and enjoy?  Right now, other than football, I have zero plans, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Well toaster heads, like always, I got to go!  Need to get things done!  Lots to do yet!  So, please send me your comments

and, even though it is damp, windy and dreary out, remember to hydrate, everyone take two big drinks now!!!!  Remember to be active, common, get up and do those 10 jumping jacks now!!! And most important, be happy, life is to short to be Oscar the Grouch.  And come back Monday, tell me what you did over the weekend, send pics if you want, and


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