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Monday Already!

Monday Already!

Can you believe it is almost Halloween, which means it is almost November?  This year has gone by too fast!  Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here!

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Ours was pretty quiet.  Hubs is has his first travel since he has been ill, and it is a three day trip, so we thought it might be a good idea for him to have a more restful weekend.  I hope his trip goes good.  Keep your fingers crossed for him.

We did walk both Saturday and Sunday mornings, but Saturday was quite chilly.  I thought that I dressed warm enough, and I was ok jalking with G, but once we sat for coffee, it got a little cool!  Sunday was gorgeous walking.  Even though the thermometer said it was colder than Saturday, the sun was out and that made a world of difference.

G and I did get a pretty good jalk in this am, and I TRIED to get a decent work out in.  I would say, it was just okay.  I could not get my mojo going!  I will have to work MUCH harder tomorrow morning.  I will do the same as I did last week, on Friday, I will post the Max WT that I hit on this program

I told you that I planted garlic, well, I cannot believe how fast this is growing.  This is so much fun.  IMG_0039-1  This is what it looked like on Saturday, and this is what it looks like today.IMG_0044-1  It is like it is growing overnight!  I am not sure how long it will take to grow heads that I can actually eat, but I have learned that you can also eat the greens.

I also finally got my Aloe plant today.IMG_0043-1  I know hubs is going to go over the edge, he is really not much of a plant person, but this should be fun too.  Once it grows some, I am going to try to chew on a tiny piece each day.  This is supposed to have unreal health benefits.  This will be some time, since it needs to get a lot more “fingers” on it, but once I can try this, I will let you know what it tastes like.  I am a little afraid it will be slimy tasting, and I will not be able to do that!

I have been using collagen for I think over a year now.  I do think it helps my nails and hair grow, I am not sue if it does anything for my skin, but, I still use it.  I like to change brands from time to time, and I saw this IMG_0042-1  collagen, and the reviews were really good, so I thought that I would give this a try.  I like to use the entire container, unless I have some strange reaction to it, before I form an opinion.  I will start using this tomorrow.  I will let you know how the taste is, and if it dissolves like the others I have tried, tomorrow, after I test it.

I also just got today, and should I say finally, the Organifi Green Juice I ordered.IMG_0040-1 Yes, now I have the Gold Juice, the Red Juice and the Green Juice, but can I say, I really like all of these products.  Well ,ok, I can’t really comment on the Green Juice yet, although I did try this right away this morning, and it has a pretty good taste!

Now that I have all three of the juices, after I empty the containers, I will share with you if I feel that I notice any difference or benefits.  But, I already know, the Gold Juice helps me to sleep so much better! And I feel much better in the mornings.

How many of you watched football over the weekend.  Raise your hand!🖐  Our Nebraska Huskers won again!!!!  That makes it two games in a row!  Next Saturday, they play Ohio State.  How cool would that be if they could be Ohio State!! GBR!!!🏈 Right OD!

The Falcons did not play this week, this was their bye week, and next week they play the Washington Redskins, whose record is 5-2.  Maybe they can make this three wins in a row???

I was listening to one of my podcasts this morning, and they were talking about gaming and what a HUGE industry this has become.  They said that when they have their “championship” game, which they compared to the Super Bowl, they have twice as many people watching than the super bowl!!!  Who knew.  They said some of these kids, most are between the ages of 16-to mid 20’s, make a LOT of money.  If you are on a “team” you actually live in a BIG house with the other team members.  You have nutritionist, trainers, psychologist,  and there are people that do your laundry, the grocery shopping, basically, you have no out of pocket expenses and do no physical work.    They said some of these top gamers make a couple of million dollars a month, can you believe that!!!!!  And they travel all over the world to the different championship games.  I had no idea this was even a sport!!!!  Do you know anything about this?

Well peoples, it is that time again, I got to go!  Need to get things checked off my list!  Need to get more done!  So, send me your ideas, comments, suggestions or criticms to

and until tomorrow, EVERYBODY remember to hydrate, take that big gulp now!  Let’s all be active, how many steps do you get in per day?  They say the minimum we should all get is 10,000 steps, so if you are a little behind, get up and walk up and done the hall!  And BE HAPPY!!  Life is way to shop to be oscar the grouch! iJTi9Tw-_400x400

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