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Here we are Again!

Here we are Again!

Well Hello and so glad you are here!  What a day!  First, it is absolutely gorgeous out! It is 64 degrees and supposed to get warmer yet.  I LOVE this kind of weather!  It makes me so happy 😄and I get SO much done.

I was up before the crack of dawn this am, and thought I would get lots of “organizing” and cleaning done, but work has been CRAZY!!  I think today is one of those days that I have heard from everyone of my customers, and several new customers, but that is a good thing, just makes me busier.  Cleaning can wait until later!

I haven’t posted any food pictures recently, because I haven’t made anything new for awhile, and my plates don’t always look picture perfect.  I decided to go ahead and post my lunch today, just because it is so darn good, even though it doesn’t look great.  IMG_0049.jpg  It is all leftovers.  I put together left over pork, zucchini zoodles, tomato, celery, fresh ginger, turmeric and garlic, with a little Rao Marinara.  Man, my taste buds are really doing the happy dance.  Nice mix of proteins and carbs.

Speaking of, I have been doing a lot of thinking and research on how to help the hubs, so he doesn’t get weak, bored, and has energy to keep up on his walks and everything else. I do feel the most important is to make sure he has breakfast everyday.  (I know, I am not so good about that EVERYDAY, but Monday thru Friday, I do eat breakfast because if I don’t, I get hangry!  But that is because I get up a lot early during the week)

I think that I am going to make something like an egg casserole, or egg cups, so that we can both heat this up and have a good, nutritious, filling breakfast.  How many of you eat breakfast, and if you do, what do you eat?

Tomorrow is Halloween, so I thought that I would break out my Halloween socks todayIMG_0048    I don’t get to wear these very often, so I might have to wear the again tomorrow!

How many of you give out candy on Halloween?  Do they even do this anymore?  And if you do, what do you hand out?  Just curious because it has been many years since I have done this.

I listened to a different podcast today, some days you just need to mix it up!  I listened to Paleomg, I haven’t listened to her for some time.  I learned, if I heard correctly, she is doing something special with Four Athletics for the holidays.  I will be watching for this, and if I get any heads up on this, I will share with you.  I did not like the fall line she had, kind of boring for me, so I am hoping for something a little more colorful if she does do some thing for the holidays.  Have any of you heard anything about this?

Anyway, this podcast was much better than the last one I listened to, which is why I could not listen to her for awhile.  This was a listener questions one, and I do like these.  But somewhere along the way, she started talking about content, mixing it up, but being consistent.  I have really been trying to be consistent, posting Monday thru Friday, but as far as mixing it up???? I may be a little lax here.  Since I am not really a fashion person, I do not have a lot of fashion to blog about.  (Maybe I should start posting more on fashion and than maybe I would wear something other than athletic wear 5 days a week)   I do try to have posts on food once in while, and as I try more new things, I will post.  But, if you have pictures or recipes you want to share, please send to me

I started this blog to be more of a blog on my journey with RA, and as we traveled, to post about that.  Well, since hubs has been ill, the travel is really on hold, for now.  We do have our Christmas trip to Barcelona planned, and I will try to post as much on that as I can.  I am so excited about this.  OS called again today and gave me a rough idea of a few of the things we are going to do.  I CANNOT WAIT!  (That reminds me, I need to check out Apple and see if I can get into a class to learn how to use my camera on my new phone to it’s full potential)  Maybe than I can take really good pictures to post!

Which also reminds me.  I have already gotten several new outfits for this, that will give me some “fashion” to post on!  I will try to take MUCH BETTER pictures to post.

Anyway, I got sidetracked.  As for my RA, I really feel that I have this as much under control as possible.  I have a follow up at the RA Dr on Friday, so after I get reports back from that, I will have a better idea if it is getting under control, or if I just have myself convinced it is better.

Some of the things I am doing:

I am anal about keeping active and moving

I take the Organifi Gold Juice every evening that has the turmeric and ginger, among many other things in it that is good for inflammation

I have been using a lot of fresh ginger and tumeric on my lunches

I have been very mindful of what I eat, for example, I have not had any processed foods, no “dessert” foods, much more protein and trying to cut back on my fruits

REALLY cutting back on sugar

Taking a daily probiotic, I think this is important

And making sure I drink enough water every day

That is quite a list, but I really do feel good but the true test will come with the blood work results!  I will keep you updated.

Well chiclets, again, it is that time, got to go!  More to come tomorrow.  Lots to get checked off my list yet today!  So, e-mail me at

and tell me what you want me to blog about, and as always, remember to stay hydrated, keep active and be happy.

Send me your comments below

And check back tomorrow.  Until then


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