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What a change from yesterday

What a change from yesterday

Hey, there you are again!  COOL!!

I got a really early start to the day today.  I had every intention of getting this post out early today, but here I am, and it is already after 2.  I just got busy.  But, I have gotten a lot  checked off my list already!

Did everyone have a good Halloween?  I just hope that everyone was safe, and that all of the little kiddies got all the candy they could possibly want.  I did learn something yesterday that I forgot to share.  Did you see the Teal colored pumpkins?  I saw these being “dyed” on the news on morning, and never thought anything about it.  I learned yesterday, if you had a Teal colored pumpkin at your door, that meant you were giving out goodies, other than candy, for kids that had, in particular, peanut allergies.  Apparently you were giving out things like very small games, colors, trinkets of some kind or another.  I think this is a good idea??? Maybe!  What do you think?

Since Halloween is over, and it is now November, wow, I still cannot believe this, I took my several Halloween decorations down today.  Unfortunately, I do not have any Thanksgiving decorations to put out.  I might need to find some.  I always like to have at least a few things out.  You know, stay in that holiday mode!🦃

Speaking of Teal.  I mentioned I got new nail polish yesterday.  I did not get my nails redone last night like I wanted, I was just too tired, but I will get this done today.  This is the new polish that I bought.IMG_0059  Doesn’t that look like fun!?

I got this new coffee maker last week, IMG_0057  My old coffee maker crapped out, and I cannot survive without a coffee maker.  So I got this one cup coffee maker, ( I was trying to save counter space because a cluttered counter makes me nuts) and this little guy makes the PERFECT cup of coffee.  It is the perfect amount, and it really makes a good tasting cup of coffee, or maybe it is the coffee I havekion-coffee-front-600x600 but whatever, it is way too good and way too easy to make a quick cup.  I am on my third cup today!  Is that bad?? But it is raining, and damp, and dreary, and those are my excuses, so get over it!  I LIKE coffee!

Speaking of good coffee.  I used all of my Almond Milk that make my Organifi Gold Juice feature3with in the evenings, so I went to get more and I found this IMG_0058Unsweetened Cashew milk.  I had this last night in my Gold Juice, and this is even better than the Almond Milk.  When I was getting my second cup of coffee ready this morning, I thought that I would try this instead of my cream in my coffee.  I heated it up, frothed it, and put it in my coffee.  WOW, this is great!  Have any of you ever tried this?  Let me know if you have and what you think.

I think it is the little cooler weather, but I feel like a bottom less pit.  Or maybe it was because I was tired yesterday, but I could not get enough to eat yesterday.  Do you ever get like that?  And if you do, what are your tricks to keep from eating everything you can get your hands on?  I am really trying to not eat so much, or snack so much, especially in front of the hubs, but man!!!  This is where I think I need to start to crochet at night, it will keep my hands busy and my mind off of food!  Plus, I can make Christmas gifts for OD, OS and DIL!!!  AWESOME!!!

Wow, it is getting really dark out.  Like stormy dark!!! I hope that bad weather is not moving in, poor Mr G will have a rough afternoon!

OK, on to other things.  Football!  I am really getting ready for this Saturday’s Husker game against Ohio State!  It may be wishful thinking, but I think that we have a really good chance of beating them!  GBR!!!!! 🏈 Get your game face on OD!

I am going to go ahead and post my caloric intake, and all of the macros and different things I track every day.  This is from yesterday, the day I could not get enough to eat;

Total resting energy was 1295 cal

Total active energy was 622 cal

My VO2 max was 36.66

My total calorie intake was 1437 cal

My macros were

182 grams protein

52.1 grams of fiber

225 grams carbs

64.4 grams of fat

4611 mg of sodium

21.8 mg of iron

4028 mg of potassium

112 g of sugar

My heart rate range was 56-120

These are most of the things that I keep track of.  I also make a note every day how I slept, and how my body feels, aches and pains, every day.

Okay this might be a little overboard, but it is a habit I got into a long time ago, and I just do it.  I have never really calculated the calories I would need to lose or gain weight, but I guess if I take the time, I could.  This also helps me be aware of how much I eat, or little, and how I feel if I have more carbs than protein or vice versa.

Well, I think I have shared enough with you today. Tomorrow, I will post my workout and the max wt I hit this week, I will share with you how my  Rhuematologist appointment went, and time permitting, I may post all of the companies that offer discounts to you readers, remember, help support this blog so that I can make this my full time gig!  (And Thank You for your support)

So, until tomorrow, even though it is cold, damp and dreary, hydrate.  I just took a BIG drink of H20, remember to be active, get up and move so you stay warm! And Be Happy, it takes less energy to smile than to be cranky.

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Until tomorrow gang


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